What is Psychological Manipulation | Symptoms and Cure

Psychological manipulation is a type of social fluids which impact the personality of a percent behavior. In everyday life, situations often arise when one has to confront someone’s conscious or unconscious attempts at manipulation. Manipulation in reaction manifests itself in different ways. How to recognize and adequately protect yourself from manipulation.

How to recognize manipulation is far from an idle question. Has it ever happened to you that after an emotional conversation with your superiors, did you undertake a task that you previously refused? At the same time, you were feeling less, and you felt pressure. Perhaps the chief used manipulative methods of influence. This behavior can occur not only from colleagues and superiors but also from relatives, acquaintances, friends. To learn how to resist various manipulations, you must first recognize them, and only after that apply methods of protection against them. So, here are a few signs of manipulation.

Signs of Manipulation

psychological manipulation

  • After talking, you are in a bad mood. This is one of the signs of manipulation. If a person manipulates, even if you were in a good mood before the conversation, after the discussion it gets worse. You feel tired, “broken,” unwilling to do anything, reducing motivation.
  • Emotional conversation. The manipulator often tries to influence your emotional sphere, for example, to release tricky jokes or to hurt your ego. All this he does to make you nervous and begin to doubt yourself. When a person loses emotional balance, the manipulator is easier to control.
  • The utterance of distrust. The manipulator builds a conversation so that you understand that it does not trust you, and it urgently waits for you to excuse. In the course are real, and far-fetched reasons for mistrust – it is essential for the manipulator that you begin to justify yourself and feel guilty. This gives the manipulator an opportunity to control your behavior.

How to protect yourself from Manipulation

  • Emotional colonels. This is the most popular way to protect yourself from manipulation. Since the manipulator often expects you to react emotionally to his words, act oppositely. React calmly, restrainedly, coldly. Answer with short phrases. Do not go into lengthy explanations, which the manipulator will probably take for justification.
  • Reduction of communication time. This is another protection against manipulation. If you understand that your colleague or friend is a manipulator, then it’s worthwhile to reduce the time of communication with him. Do not initiate meetings and conversations, and if you can not refuse to talk (for example,
  • your immediate supervisor is the manipulator, and you can not wholly ignore to communicate with him on your initiative), then minimize the time of communication. Also, do not get too involved in the conversation. This will help you keep the emotional balance.
  • Define your boundaries and priorities. If you know your strengths and weaknesses, you know what you need and do not need, are confident in your actions, then the manipulator will find it more difficult to confuse you and impose your own opinion.
  • Ignore the word manipulator. If there is no way to avoid talking with the manipulator, apply such tactics as ignoring. Do not pay attention to what the manipulator says about you, skip all that is said by ears, as if it has nothing to do with you.
  • Protect your interests. For example, if the manipulator asks you to do something, then if it does not contradict your intentions, you can agree, but in return, put your condition. Thus, you can achieve your own goals.

How To Deal With Psychological Manipulation

  1. There are 8 Ways To Deal With psychological Manipulators. Ignore everything that people do and say
  2. Hit their center of gravity.
  3. Trust your judgment.
  4. Try not to fit in
  5. Stop compromising
  6. Never ask for permission.
  7. Create a greater sense of purpose

Also, you can disarm your manipulation by making yourself healthy, and think positively.

Methods of protection from manipulation should be chosen, focusing on a specific situation, as well as your character. Someone is closer to ignoring the trick of the manipulator, and someone will prefer to use the reciprocal manipulation. There are many options; the main thing is to choose the most effective one.

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