Healthy Weekend | How to Prepare Yourself for a whole Weekend

 How to spend a healthy weekend is a hot topic which comes to the mind after spending a very busy weekend. A headache, a bad complexion and extra pounds – all these consequences of stormy days off will not bother you anymore. Use advice, how to spend a healthy week and stay slim and beautiful.

Healthy weekend tips

Change your habits and enjoy a healthy weekend

After a vacation or a fun party, there are always a lot of questions. Why did I eat cake? Who pulled me to drink so much alcohol? How to get together and still go to work? The answers to these questions should be better known before the holiday – and then your morning will undoubtedly be right, and well-being – beautiful.

How To Look Fresh After a party?

There are three ways to level out the consequences of lack of sleep and a couple of extra cocktails.

1. Then you are more senior (forgive), the less your skin is elastic and the longer it is restored. That at the moment of awakening on the face there were no creases, try to sleep on a back. Not sure if you can control yourself? Get an orthopedic pillow – it just will not let you lie on your side or face down.

2. To fight the body with alcohol intoxication is not so clearly reflected on the face before the party takes activated charcoal or another absorbent.

3. Before going to bed, even if you return in the morning, do not be too lazy to take a shower with a cold dousing in the end. Purification procedures gently stimulate internal metabolic processes, which under the given conditions is very useful.

How To Eat On Vacation?

So that the skin and other organs do not suffer from a deficiency of beneficial ingredients and receive a resource for fighting harmful ones. In your menu should be:

  • fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C. This spinach, cabbage, oranges 
  • and tomatoes - they all prevent the ageing of the skin;
  • kefir and yoghurt, famous for their useful microorganisms. Cultural fungi
  •  help not to recover during the holidays;
  • egg yolks, liver, butter and other foods rich in vitamin A - it has an antioxidant
  •  effect;
  • vegetable oil and nuts as a source of vitamin E, which does not give
  •  wrinkles appear on your face before nature has conceived;
  • easy to digest proteins, for example, eggs, seafood and fish, lentils.
How To Win A Hangover?

With the consequences of severe alcohol poisoning or merely a hangover, smart girls do not collide. Not because they keep sobriety, but because they know the rules of intelligent consumption.

  • Moderation. This concept is individual for each young lady, but on average you can focus on two or three glasses of wine or two – beer as the upper limit of the girl’s norm. Behind this trait, you are undoubtedly waiting for a morning headache, nausea, apathy and absenteeism.
  • Low-fat food. Contrary to popular belief that a piece of fat or a buttered sandwich will allow you to drink on a par with the pros of this case, an abundant fatty snack provokes intoxication. Such food adds to the burden of the liver, preventing it from fighting the products of alcohol breakdown, but light meals, exceptionally juicy, rich in fiber and vitamins (learn vegetable salad?), Help early detoxification.
  • Aspirin. To the fun, narcologists are advise to prepare in advance: 12 hours before the start you need to drink an aspirin tablet, and one more – 6 hours after the last glass. Of course, only if you do not have contraindications to taking the drug.
  • Use healthy fruits in your daily routine like, Apple, banana, Also use Banana Peal which has lots of impacts on the human body.
How to cope with edema?

1. If you know that it is prone to puffiness, do not use to remove the makeup from your eyes that means – remove mascara and shadow micellar water. And after she applied the care to the thin skin around the eyes, press the palms of the base to the lower orbital bone. Sit in this position for a few seconds to accelerate the outflow of lymph.

2. When you apply the care product, for a few seconds, press down on two points – at the outer and inner corners of the eyes. It will enhance microcirculation. And make sure that your cream or gel is not in the mobile age, it will only exacerbate the problem.

3. All the products that you plan to use after the party put it in the refrigerator from the evening. As an option – throw in the morning for about 10 minutes in the freezer, so that all the other useful properties are added cooling.

Keep In Mind in 3 Simple Steps To Stay Healthy



How To Be Effective On The First Working Day?

Long vacation or vacation is the right chance to experience confusion when you are in
 the office. So it happens to many, but with you, it will not happen, if ...

You will be properly tuned. You do not want to think about going to the office as a 
return to hard labour if you invent a pleasant ritual. Everyone is cheered up with 
compliments, so it's worth to take on the rule on the first working day to put on 
something new, beautiful and emphasizing a tan.

You'll get up early. For this, of course, have to lie down for an hour earlier than 
usual. Your goal is to wake up to sleep, without the help of an alarm clock. And at 
least an hour before leaving home - to gather without haste and unnecessary stress.

Doing yoga. Calm practice before going to bed or early in the morning, especially 
if you focus on breathing and relaxation, help without a squeak enter 
the work schedule.

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