Social Media And its Misuse

Social media has a significant impact on our Society. Especially the misuse of social media has implemented harmful adverse effects on our Society. There is a significant impact of social media in our social and daily activities.  The world is now a global village everyone is busy on chatting with friends making calls taking photos of his life moment. And also connect with the whole world from just a simple device known as Mobile. Everyone knows about social media. And from an underage person to elder age person Social media is a part of our life. Not only a part but it has a high impact on our social and personal life.

It is a truth that there are pros and con behind every perspective

Therefore social media also have some pros and cons which are mentioned below.

misuse of social media

Misuse of social media in society

Social media is being misused in recent times, not via office staff only, but by most of the people in the world. Social media is a great communication gateway and tool to help businesses connect with their customers everywhere in the world. But, if someone misuses social media, your business may be at risk of losing fan followers or customers, gaining a bad experience and can cause legal action. There are many examples of social media misuse threw mobile.


“Social media has lots of impacts on Its usages Like the main reason are low packages and Data. And Companies are providing an intent connection on high rates. So in this situation, social media can cause data loss. Like when someone is browsing on the internet, so there are lots of fun stuff like videos video/song websites results in heavy data usage and affects the overall performance of the internet data.
It also affects the productivity of the employee’s performance,” the official said. The government has also directed its staffers to keep their laptop and government property and data secured with password protected to ensure no one else can use their Machinery like Pc or laptop in their absence.

Social Media and our Society

When Social Media used wrongly, then the benefit will fade out, and disadvantage will come. We’ve heard more than hundred times that several crimes committed from social media, Maybe it’s from FB, Twitter, online dating website, there could be many possible reasons of being spam scam cheating and many other social and political evils. Especially the use of mobile phone Negatively.

The crimes not a real offense. Like thieving, or a few murdering, etc., however without a doubt from sharing a hot platform for underage, displaying pornography to the society, and lots of social evils and cybercrime can threaten the rule of law, social security, and humanity and additionally give an opportunity for crime to appear furthermore.

Now let’s talk about its benefits that people are using and making money online now a day. It is apparently everyone knows that people can make and most of them are aware the great methods of making money online. Such as, blogging, website design vlogs, making videos, writing and publishing articles.



Benefits of Social Media

Social Media is beneficial when you use it in the right and proper way. It is not for stalking humans. It’s for understanding where people are, what people are doing, what are their today,s activities do, what They think, and what’s going on now to their life. It’s now not for showing two different human beings that you’re a few people

(especially a person you meet many times in your daily routine, ) Proper now, in real life you don’t have the actual social time with them because you are too busy along with Your device. It’s for understanding your far distance buddies, hard to satisfy pals and your longtime friends, what they’re doing these days, and the way’s aspect going with them.

Many people, especially from the new 21st-century generation make the social media as a place to revel in their richness, Their capability to do something and to become famous on one NIGHT. On the other hand, there are also those who do naturally they are. However, they are famous because of their skills ability and their experience.

Social Media Loves Talented People

Every social media have their motives and purposes. Like we give you a simple example, YouTube is a social media who embrace the use of video as a communications media. On the other side, Instagram offers using images (and now short movies) as social media. However, both of them are about the professional world and get connected to people all around the world, and especially friends, then LinkedIn and FB are on top of the chart.


We believe that several talented people who wizard at their professional career or those who are doing their job can get benefit from the right social media. They can express their desire and can show their skills on an open platform. Folks who do arts and design on Instagram, with regular post and consistent posting materials can get to 500k fan followers and daily gets many links comments, and views.

To Became Famous and Make Money

Meanwhile, people who do photography on Instagram, where pix speak for themselves, can get to 1million or more fan followers that you ever expected. Similarly, there are many professional and the most famous people who make funny videos and pranks such, as Anwar jibawi, Lance Stewart, and many other prominent YouTubers. Having millions of likes and billion of youtube views. They also earn a handsome amount of money by filming and performing their funny videos and pranks. YouTube can embrace people who are good at public speaking and filmology. And people who do increase in the one’s matters can get extra visitors and followers on YouTube rather than in Instagram.


  • In conclusions, we can say that social media can bring more goods than harms itself while people understand what they can get and by using it correctly. The age limit from social media isn’t always a border for us to go to social media.
  • It means when the age limit is 18, that people need to be as a minimum 16 to join the media, In this age, the elders know that natural human feelings or on at its peak. And a teenager cannot understand it correctly. He needs some guidance and some patient to overcome his patients and to save himself in a wrong way.
  • Maybe people already know and able to decide for themselves what is right and what’s not. We don’t have to use all the social media. However, we only should use some social media, which could connect us to what our motive is.
  • While we want to communicate with our relative’s friends and our beloved and family, then Facebook is the worlds biggest social media platform and a superb choice. While we want to share our selves in the form of photos our photo and our artwork we can use Instagram on its an excellent platform.
  • And when we need to reach out a public speaking talent or want our voice to be heard, then YouTube is perfect for you. The use of it right, convey the benefit of yourself and others.

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