Secrets of longevity : How to live a Long Life

Everyone wants to live a long life, and it is the desire of almost every human being. Therefore people are excited and happy when they see an old man more than a Hundred-year-old. They also have the desire to Live a long life. Or even 70 to 80 Years. But its a very interesting ideology and some following reasons behind of the age of every human being.

Secrets to Live Long Life

Live Long Life

Many people find it strange to think of old age when you are thirty. But in fact, now is the time. The reason that prompted me to this thought was the birth of a son. In the first months of motherhood, I, like many women, was in a hormonal storm state: I cried, I was afraid for the baby, and I doubted that suddenly I would not reach his age or see whom he marries.

It seemed to me that if I did not immediately take control of my health and did not understand how to remain active and sane at his mature age, then do not see me happy. So began my way of studying the methods of prolonging life. And most importantly, I learned during this time: the way a person lives before retirement is, in general, the primary factor of quality longevity. And just what I can control.

Heredity and longevity

The life expectancy of a person is affected by a combination of factors that often intensify or neutralize each other. The first thing that comes to mind is heredity. But “activation” or, conversely, “decontamination” of family illnesses depends on harmful (or healthy) habits of a particular person and his environment by 70 %. Can I, knowing about my hereditary sores, adjust my way of life and choose to live in a peaceful corner with a temperate climate? Why not!

 If you accept the fact that the consequences of smoking annually take 6 million lives around the world. It is quite easy (after all, poison), they believe that 1.7 million people die only because they like sausage. Mayonnaise and fast food (that is, they overeat a lot of salt) are already more difficult. Nevertheless, this is so.


3 Components of Longevity

live long life

1. The diet of the lucky beggar mostly consists of plant food. Although they are usually not inclined to vegetarianism. Meat appears on the table once a week or a little more often for reasons related to the low material condition or climate. But it is, in any case, a festive, delicacy product. 

The second important factor: in the menu of vigorous old men all life was a lot of fresh, unprocessed products with a variety of antioxidant effects. And most importantly, long-livers never sit on diets – they just do not overeat. The list of products to be added to the menu: berries, beans, fish, vegetables, nuts, garlic, olive oil, dark chocolate, whole grains.

2. Physical activity  – a pledge that the body will feel good and 80 years after birth. For decades, people who are modestly loaded with an organism every day feel the best. The hit list of their classes is as follows: long walks on rough roads or streets.

Take part in domestic activities, household work in the garden or at home (do not feel the thrust to the ground – try to clean up your house without mechanical assistance); yoga and morning exercises as a way to maintain the mobility of joints and work on the balance of the body.

3. The psychological atmosphere in which a person lives. It is necessary not so much to avoid stress (an impossible task for a city dweller), how to be able to level it. Find a job for the heart. Spend more time with those you love. Get enough sleep. Pamper yourself. More often laugh.

Finally, To live up to a hundred years, do the following thing

  1. Make a list of diseases typical for your family (primarily include those that suffer from a grandmother and mom). Discuss with the doctor how to prevent these ailments. Devote time to finding reliable information about the fight against potential killers.
  2. Evaluate your dietDo you eat enough in a variety of ways? What is the percentage of plant food on your menu? Are you prone to overeat? Does your body need vitamins or dietary supplements because of the image or place of life?
  3. Strive for moderate physical activityLong-livers do not run marathons and do not build themselves from great athletes once a week. They walk a lot and work in the garden and around the house. Everyday.


  • Formulate a goal for which it is worth waking up every morning. The meaning of life can be a family, children, hobbies, social work or travel Any activity that gives a sense of joy and need


  • Find the right way for you to level out the daily stress. The experience of long-livers from the “blue zones” proves that a full eight-hour dream. A glass of red wine at dinner, prayer or meditation, communication with friends and loved ones work fine.

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