Perhentian Island | Top 5 Amazing Places to visit To Malaysia

Perhentian Island is a super beach for a leisurely family vacation in Malaysia. Surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful plants, facing white sandy beaches and a hot blue sea. Perhentian Island is a lovely place to enjoy vacation and a holiday paradise which cannot be denied.

Perhentian Island, Malaysia

Perhentian Island, or Pulau Perhentian as the locals call it, is usually referred to as a marine paradise and bureaucracy parts of the National Marine Park of Malaysia.

Perhentian Island
Perhentian Island

Within the surrounding areas of Perhentian Island resort, you can discover many ordinary things to see and do. Take a jungle trek up the hills beneath a cover of large trees, and you would possibly see wild magpies Large fruit bats or the Nicobar Pigeon. Perhentian Island lies alongside the flight path of this migratory birds. Also much other bird specious. You can also see the harmless monitor lizard or even the unique Lutong monkey species.

Go For a Swim

Or gather your friends or family people and head to the open sea for a swim. For people who experience snorkeling or scuba diving, The resort is strategically located, fronting a coral-wealthy bay. The marine ecosystem of this region is appropriately documented and held in excessive regards by snorkelers and scuba divers.

If you come among June and September, you might get lucky and spot massive green turtles laying eggs alongside the beach. And it also the main reason which attracts the most tourists in this region in June and September.


Northeast of Peninsular Malaysia, close by the town of Kota Bharu, Two small islands form the Perhentian Islands. These are located on are located on the northeast coast of Malaysia. The names are Perhentian Besar, the bigger of the 2 and famous amongst couples and families. With children, and Perhentian Kecil, the smaller island and the most famous among budget travelers.

Both these islands have lots of accommodation available to stay overnight. This degree from highly-priced resorts that offer cabanas whole with air-conditioning. You will need a cool water botel and an electric fan.


how to Reach To Perhentian Island

To reach to the Perhentian island, you will need to hire a water taxi, or private boat to reach to these islands. No roads are available to reach on this island.



Perhentian Island

The Perhentian islands are located slightly out of the way to Malaysia’s other attractions, but once you’re swimming in the pristine waters and relaxing on the beaches, you’ll forget how you even got there in the first place.

Best Time To Reach and Enjoy Vacations

The best time to go is between March – October where you’ll have sunny skies, hot days, limited rain and fellow travelers. Outside of this time, most of the accommodation is closed, as are the restaurants. The seas can be very rough, overcast skies and strong currents making it quite dangerous for swimming.

During the weekends, it can be busy with locals, especially during their holidays. High season is July/August due to European holidays.

Book Accommodation On Perhentian Island

The most important question where to stay at night on this island? And the answer is On Perhentian Kecil, there are two main beaches which have the most accommodation options. Long Beach and Coral BayBelow there, someone of the famous hotels and accommodations is available that you can book to stay at night. Someone of the most recommended accommodation is mention below.

Ewan’s Place

Evan place is located between coral bay and long beach. This is the restaurant that most backpackers are looking for. The price is reasonable, and the room can be the book at the cost of 20 to 30 dollars. Extra charges may apply. Private bathroom clean and decent room environment, beautiful balconies. The weather condition is quite hot during daytime but bares able under heavy fans.


Senja Bay Resort

Located on Corel by the side, at the far end of the coral beach. The rooms and view for rooms window are so romantic and beautiful. You can see a beautiful sight of the blue sea. Cool breeze. The food is good and includes with breakfast in just under 40 to 60 dollars.

Babu Villa and Bubu’s Resort

Located on long beach babu villa resort is situated at the end of the long beach. The cost to spend a single night is almost high while comparing to other resorts. But it’s an entirely sound environment and far from the main hustle and bustle.

Also, there are almost nine best villas in Malaysia that you can stay and check out there. Also not only these are available in less price, but also near to the most beautiful destinations. You can see the beautiful view of the sea. All of these villas are available with a luxury lifestyle.




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