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Any women’s cosmetic bag is full of chemistry: it’s decorative cosmetics, and cleansing, and even means for caring for the body. Using all these creams, balms, lotions and other ingredients of the “beauty kit,” the woman tries to emphasize and preserve all the nature given the best features of her appearance. But in vain, because most of the cosmetic products do not benefit, but on the contrary – it causes irreparable harm to both beauty and health.

Natural cosmetics, known since time immemorial, is the best way to preserve youth and beauty. It can be pulp, juice, and oils of almost any plant, as well as eggs, dairy products and much more.

Genuinely miraculous properties have argan oil for hair, the actions of which Moroccan women owe the beauty of hair growth and long-fading beauty.

Argan oil for hair and masks based on it

It is squeezed from seeds of argan trees that grow only in Morocco. This oil is produced only within the country; it is exported all over the world. Law prohibits the export of plant seeds outside the state.

Useful Ingredients of Argan Oil

Due to the balanced nutrient content, argan oil is a real find for strengthening hair, stimulating their growth, and also an excellent means for skin care.

It is 80% composed of unsaturated fatty acids, including linoleic, oleic and palmate acids as essential beauty aids. Phytosterols oils are almost entirely composed of alpha-tocopherol, more simply a vitamin that protects the skin from oxidative processes and supports its crucial protective functions.

Also, the composition of argan oil for hair includes:

  • scottenol and alpha-spinasterol, stimulating the regeneration of cells so that the product is widely used in anti-aging formulas;
  • tocopherols and phenolic compounds – natural antioxidants;
  • triterpene alcohols, protecting the skin from inflammation caused by viruses, infections, and fungi;
  • sterols, improving the microcirculation of substances in tissues, enhancing the protective functions of the surface, providing anti-inflammatory action, protecting against ultraviolet, preventing aging;
  • triglyceride, softening and soothing skin, restoring lipid metabolism.

Each chemical component of argan oil protects the skin, nourishes and rejuvenates it, and this is the main useful properties of the product.

Effects of argan oil on scalp and hair

Argan oil has an incredible amount of medicinal properties, due to which it is actively used in the preparation of hair care products or is used for this purpose in its pure form.

First and foremost, this natural remedy protects the hair from the aggression of the environment: high or vice versa, too low air humidity, ultraviolet action, sharp temperature changes, the action of poisonous substances contained in the air and cosmetics.

Also, it moisturizes and nourishes the scalp and hair itself, restores their structure.

Regular use of argan oil for hair will help get rid of dandruff, accelerate the growth of hair and slow down their aging, and make your hair feel lush, thick, shiny and obedient.

How correctly to use argan oil?

Worth argan oil is quite expensive, besides it is not always easy to buy. Therefore, if you still become the owner of this miraculous means of beauty, use its opportunities to the maximum.

The simplest way to strengthen hair with it – classic rubbing in the scalp and hair. To do this, a small amount of oil is distributed on the palms, and accurate massage movements begin to rub into the scalp. Remaining on the hands of a uniformly distributed throughout the hair.

The head is covered with a plastic bag or cap and wrapped around to keep warm with a towel or a large scarf, instead of which you can also put on a knitted hat. Withstand oil for at least an hour, and better – the night, and then in a few tricks wash with shampoo.

Another way is to use oil as a balm. For this, a few drops of oil are rubbed in the palms of the hands and neatly distributed over the entire length of freshly washed hair. It is essential that the oil does not get on the skin, because this may cause the effect of dirty hair. It is not necessary to flush the agent so applied, immediately after its distribution it is possible to start drying and laying.

Hair, after washing, treated with argan oil, becomes obedient, smooth and silky, and also – protected from environmental influences.

Masks for hair based on argan oil
Argan oil for hair at home is used not only in its pure form. It becomes a beneficial additive to almost any natural mask. Means to care on its basis have a general strengthening, restoring and nourishing actions. Also, compound masks cost the owner of a thick head of hair much cheaper than using pure argan oil.

Here are a few examples of the simplest masks with argan oil for all occasions.

Mask for the growth and strengthening of any hair

Mix in equal parts burdock and argan oil. Blend the mixture into the hair and rub it well into the skin. Soak in the heat for at least an hour and rinse well with shampoo. The effect of this mask is immediately invisible, but its regular application will help restore the structure of the hair, accelerate their growth and increase the density, help get rid of loss.

Mask for damaged and dry hair

Mix one egg yolk, a teaspoon of argan, two teaspoons of olive, five drops of ether sage and ten drops of light lavender oil. The mixture is lightly heated in a water bath; massage movements apply to the skin and hair, kept for up to 30 minutes. Wash off with warm water.

For medical and prophylactic purposes, natural argon oil should be used 1-3 times a week for 1-2 months. The use of oil will help to grow long, thick and obedient hair or revitalize the hair that has lost its attractiveness.

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