How To Organize A good Party | Rules of a Good Party

To make your party look good an rememberable some tips and ideas are required to make a fantastic party. Most of the people sometimes worried about designing and organizing a party because they don’t know the basic rules, which can change the party way and guest mood. Ethical behavior must have during organizing or attend a party. To make the best rules of a good party below some tips that are helpful for you to organize a rememberable enjoying day.
The last reminder of how to behave and what to do, so that the party was fun, and remember it was not ashamed. The party is like a first date. It can turn into pleasant acquaintances and dances until the morning, or maybe – desire to shoot a DJ and escape through the window.
 And there and there it is better not to lean on alcohol and talk about the former, and rely on a sense of humor and a beautiful dress. But that’s the trouble: every girl is born to go on dates, but not everyone – a hospitable hostess or a party-goer. However, it is never too late to correct the mistake of nature.

 Rules of a Good Party If you are an organizer

rules of a good party

Being the organizer of the party means not only listening to compliments to the turkey but also making some efforts to ensure that your guests do not get bored, lock themselves in the bathroom and sing in chorus, disturbing the peace of the neighbors. And at the same time, notice, it is assumed that you will enjoy yourself. We promise, so everything will turn out if you are ready to solve several problems.

Which guest  should I invited

Do not be tempted to spend evenings exclusively with old friends. They, of course, are so good that they will not touch the porcelain collection and will not get involved in the fight. (well, or you know about their manners and are morally ready to disentangle), But exciting communication can become if new people join the company.

rules of a good party

The friend of a husband with whom he goes fishing? Call. A cute couple living on the floor below? Let them come, and they will not call the police either. A colleague with whom you almost do not communicate? Invite him; he’ll be surprised. The meaning of all these movements is to change the standard course of their gatherings, refresh conversations and jokes, and maybe even get to know someone who is worthwhile. And do not be afraid that one of the newcomers will ruin the atmosphere and not have to go to court. A lecture about spinning is also an occasion to laugh at it when the speaker does not hear.


How to Create an Amazing Atmosphere of Communication

  • The most primitive way to stir up guests is to empty the home bar, but for those who are behind the wheel and for a healthy lifestyle, it does not work. Therefore, to stimulate people’s desire to talk to each other, give them a minimal clue for conversation. Introducing newcomers, do not limit yourself to names, try to describe the guest somehow. 
  • The message: “People, this is the same Masha, who knows three dead languages. Will undoubtedly arouse lively interest and no less quick questions. Try not to spoil the party at this stage. The entertainer from the series 
  • Have several ready options for saving a dull evening, when, despite the efforts of the lovely hostess, everyone is sitting at the corners, fingering smartphones. Invite guests to play something unifying or throw a deliberately provocative topic for conversation.
  • Do not deprive the invited joy to help you in the kitchen or nail the shelf in the corridor, which they also brought down. Joint actions unite and immediately make the atmosphere friendly and informal.
Be Ready

Home parties have one drawback – guests will penetrate your home. This means that things that are valuable to you, and those that are not designed for prying eyes, should be taken away. But the guest hand towel, on the contrary, hangs in the bathroom.

If Someone Touches

No matter how nice the guests seemed to be at the entrance, someone would necessarily slap an extra cheese. And the task of the hostess is, if necessary, to help the health of the invited people, not only with prayers.

  • Check the reserves of activated carbon and aspirin in your home medicine chest.
  • Do not spare the water. Lean on it yourself and persistently invite guests to neutralize the negative impact of alcohol on the body.
  • Keep close at hand the telephone numbers of the city taxi and persuading over-traveled comrades to go on it, and not to seek adventure in the dark streets.

How to Welcome your friend as a Host

Are you invited to the party? Congratulations, but for the title of her main decoration mini dress is not enough. The main secret of success: be keenly interested in people, if you want them to pay attention to you. Do not be tempted to talk only with those who are well aware of. The whole point of participation in the holiday is to leave him if not with a new boyfriend, then at least with new impressions.

Tying a conversation with strangers is not so difficult as it seems. You can always ask those who came early, which snacks are especially good. Or join a lonely guy standing with the words. It seems that only we do not know anyone here, I propose to stick together. Or get involved in someone else’s conversation with an elegant apology: “Forgive me for involuntarily overhearing and interfering, but I have precise information about what the sausages are made of.”

At home or summer gatherings it is customary not to appear empty-handed. A bottle of wine or a baked pie with one’s hand is a great idea. It is especially important to bring something with you if you are on a diet: you do not want to insult the owners with a hunger strike? Here and chew your celery, without attracting attention.


Some Essential tips to organize a party?

Most likely, you are not a Georgian man, which means you do not like to make toasts. But it’s not such a difficult task – to speak in public and doesn’t need to be disgraced.

One / Do not rely on inspiration if you are going to a party dedicated to a specific event. A birthday or, say, a wedding. Since there is a reason for having fun, think up while you are painting smoky eyes, what exactly do you want to tell the public.

Two / A worse categorical refusal to say something spiritual can only be an attempt to stretch their speech for two minutes. Whatever marvelous storyteller you are considered to be mom and dad. Do not you dare to distract guests from snacks and drinks for a long time.

Three / Remember the school lessons of literature and see that your speech consists of three logical parts: entry, core, and conclusion.

Four / Successfully joking is the right way to make your performance memorable. But if humor is not your horse, it’s better not to take risks. Times are now such that some jokes are pulled for a couple of years of a general regime.

Five / Watch the language – if it is already barely tossing, it’s better not to rush to the microphone. Tomorrow will be ashamed.

Hence these are some excellent tips that you can implement either organizing or be going to a party. Make your party rememberable, and if you are visiting a parting, then these tips will help you out to make the best life enjoying the experience.

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