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Best home remedies for your skin to make a glowing and shining skin by just making simple home remedies for your skin freshness. There are a lot of treatments and method to create a bright skin some of them are quite expensive, and some of them are very inexpensive and easy to make at home. 

In this article, you will get lot new methods to make your face skin natural glowing and good looking.

Cabbage is quite cheap, but very useful cosmetic preparation, which can be used both separately and in combination with other components.

Fresh cabbage has a whitening and toning effect, sour cabbage removes excess fat, nourishes, moisturizes and refreshes the skin. Cabbage is used in the form of masks, gruel, and lotions.

For each type of skin, a unique, individual combination of cabbage with other products and special cosmetics is selected.

Cabbage Masks

When using cabbage masks, you must observe certain conditions.

First, the mask is applied to the prepared face skin, so before using the mask, the surface should be cleaned from daytime contamination, secretions of sweat and sebaceous glands, decorative cosmetics. Before applying the mask, remove makeup with a cotton swab or a special sponge soaked with cosmetic milk, cream, cleansing cream or vegetable oil. 

After this, wash with warm water or wipe the face and neck with a special lotion – so the prepared skin with cleansed pores and sebaceous gland ducts will be ready to absorb the nutrients contained in the cabbage mask.

Secondly, before applying the mask, grease the area around the eyes with a thick nourishing cream – here the skin is very sensitive and tender, the mask on these parts of the face is not superimposed.



Third, use a mask that is right for you – for a dry, oily or mixed skin.

Fourth, to prepare the mask, use the fleshy part of the cabbage leaves, which is closer to the stump – in this part the concentration of nutrients is increased. Kocherygu should not be used for cosmetic purposes. Because it is denser, fibrous and even in the crushed form of course for a mask. Besides it accumulates not only use substances but also all kinds of chemical fertilizer elements that are used in growing cabbage, so the effect from the mask prepared from it, can be the opposite of what is expected.

Fifth, do not prepare the mask long before the application and do not leave the excess stored until the next procedure because the nutrients of cabbage and other components are destroyed by prolonged contact with the air, and the mask loses its cosmetic properties.

The basis of the cabbage mask is gruel from the pulp of cabbage leaves, which is obtained by rubbing cabbage on a greater or chopping in a meat grinder, sauerkraut is most conveniently pitted with a pestle.

Masks with cabbage can have a different consistency – thick covers are conveniently applied to the face with a cosmetic scapula, and more liquid – using a cotton or gauze swab.

Most cabbage masks are washed with water at room temperature, but in some masks other than cabbage may contain components that can be washed off better than salted, acidified, diluted milk or lotion – in each case, the method of removing the mask will be specified.



Clean the cabbage leaf with cold water to remove mud and other bacteria, and put it on your eyes for 20 minutes. This will help you relieve fatigue and puffiness from the eyelids.



  • To look fresh and well-groomed after a tiring working day or lack of sleep, it is necessary to restore tired and lost skin tone of the face and neck. Take some rest. If you do not have the time to come to this matter with all responsibility, use a simple means – fresh cabbage leaves.
  • Separate 3-4 leaves from the fork, rinse them with cold water and in the supine position, apply to washed, but not wiped face and neck. Cool leaves apply concave side. Skin before the procedure should not be cleaned with a towel, as water promotes better and faster penetration of nutrients.
  • Lie with the cabbage leaves, closing your eyes, 3-5 minutes, until you feel that the leaves began to heat up from contact with the skin. Then remove them and pat the damp face and neck with a soft towel or paper towel.
  • You will see that the skin has become softer, fresh and matte, you feel that fatigue of the facial muscles and irritation on the skin disappeared. Also, the procedure of applying cabbage leaves invigorates the surface, it prepares it for applying cosmetics – having soaked the face and using a cream base and decorative cosmetics, you will notice that the makeup is better kept, does not lose its brightness and does not fade during the celebration.


  • 1. Rub on a large grater fresh carrots and boil it in milk until completely softened. Add 50 grams of pure cabbage juice mixed with honey. Apply the mask to the cleansed face for 3-5 minutes, then rinse your face with warm boiled water.
  • 2. Pass carrots and fresh cabbage through a meat grinder. Press and drain the juice. In the gruel, add a teaspoon of honey and sour cream. The mask is applied to the cleansed moistened skin. Hold the mask for 5-10 minutes and rinse with warm boiled water, adding a few drops of lemon juice to it.



1. Boil turnips, peel, and mash. Add the juice of fresh cabbage and a teaspoon of carrot juice. Put the mask on your face and after 5 minutes rinse with warm milk.



1. Mix the flowers and sage leaves with cut cabbage leaves and pour hot water. Insist for 2-3 hours, and then strain and pour into the trays for freezing in the refrigerator. Ice cubes wipe your face in the morning and evening. This ice is suitable for oily and wrinkled skin.

2. Mix with St. John’s wort, wormwood and ash leaves of sea kale and fill it with hot water. Insist for at least 5 hours, and then strain and freeze. Wipe the skin of the face and neck with ice, as this remedy is useful for irritated and dry skin.

3. Leave dandelion, burdock and cabbage leaves through a meat grinder and squeeze out the juice. Add a few drops of lemon juice into it and freeze. Wipe your face in the morning and evening. After the mask, do not forget to apply a nourishing cream.

4. Dissolve brine pickle in half with boiled water and freeze. This mask cleans and whitens the face well, removes freckles and spots, tones up the skin.

5. Juice fresh cucumber, parsley, milkweed and fresh cabbage mix and freeze those. Wipe your face in the morning and evening. After morning application put on the face a humidifying cream, and after an evening – nutritious.

6. The decoction of marigolds dilute with tincture from the leaves of sea kale and put in the refrigerator. Wipe your face, and when you take a bath, add a few ice cubes.



Dry skin needs special care since when carelessly applied to it, it is easily irritated, begins to peel and itch.

For deep cleansing of the dry skin, you can use a mixture of warm water with fresh cabbage juice in a proportion of 3: 1. Wash with this water about once a month, and you cleanse your face without drying it.

Some Additional Recipes

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Masks are applied to the cleansed skin, lightly greased with a fat cream that prevents irritation and serves as a good conductor for nutrient components.








It is essential for dry and sensitive skin to moisturize and saturate with useful substances. The leaves of fresh cabbage contain a lot of water, vitamins, and essential elements, so cabbage juice and gruel are an excellent base for masks that make dry skin supple, soft and velvety.

1. If after washing you have a feeling of tightness of the skin, try using the following mask: rub the egg yolk in a glass dish, add half a teaspoon of vegetable (preferably olive) oil, half a teaspoon of fresh cabbage juice and the same cream. Apply the mixture with a cotton swab several times with an interval of 1-2 minutes. Rinse the mask with water at room temperature.

2. Saturate the dry skin with useful substances and moisture; a cabbage-fruit mask helps: mix one raspberry, strawberry and a slice of the apricot half, add a teaspoon of fresh cabbage grated with a small grater and half a spoon of cream. The mask is applied to the face, hold for 10-15 minutes and rinse with warm water and then with cold water.

3. You can prepare a nourishing and soften mask using existing cosmetic.

A half teaspoon of fat cream or cosmetic cream suitable for your skin, mix with one teaspoon of cabbage juice and half a teaspoon of honey. Then apply a thick layer on the face, 15 -20 minutes, then remove the mask with two or three cotton swabs and rinse your face with soft water at room temperature.

4. Moisturizing, tonic and light whitening effect have a curd-cabbage mask. Pound 2 teaspoons of fatty cottage cheese with a teaspoon of milk and a teaspoon of fresh cabbage juice, apply to the face with a cosmetic spatula, hold for a quarter of an hour, then remove the spatula and rinse the leftover mask with a mixture of cold water and milk (one glass of water half a glass of milk) .

5. If the facial skin is dry and wrinkles appear on it, try to smooth and revitalize the face and neck with the following mask: a teaspoon of mayonnaise is mixed with the same amount of freshly grated cabbage, half a teaspoon of fat fortified cream and honey. Put the mask on your face, rubbed with a cotton swab dipped in fresh milk, a thin, thin layer, hold for several minutes, then apply the remainder of the mask to the area of wrinkles, hold for 7-10 minutes and rinse with warm water and milk.

6. If dry skin is irritated, redness and peeling appear, then a soothing mask consisting of a teaspoon of fresh cabbage juice, the same amount of olive oil, egg yolk and a pinch of potato flour will help. Mix all the ingredients and lightly warm it in a water bath (you can hold the dishes with a mask over the neck of a kettle with boiling water) so that it has a pleasant temperature for the person. Apply mask on face, especially a dense layer on irritated areas, for 15-20 minutes, rinse with warm water, then pat the face with a soft towel. After the first procedure reddening passes, and after 2-3 sessions the skin ceases to peel, becomes smooth and fresh.

Excellent additive to the cream that you use will serve as a nutritious infusion of cabbage.

1. To prepare the injection, it is necessary to take a teaspoon of the crushed leaves of young birch, a pinch of sea kale powder and pour them with hot water. Insist for at least 2 hours. A tablespoon of infusion is added to the nourishing cream for dry skin, and you will get a good vitamin, nourishing mask. It is recommended to apply it before going to bed, and it should be removed with lotion or warm water with the addition of soda.

2. Rinse the leaves of nettle, dandelion, mint, and cabbage, then pass them through a meat grinder and boil them with boiling water. Water should only lightly coat the mass. Insist for at least 2 hours. Mix the gruel from the leaves with cottage cheese and warmed honey in equal proportions. The resulting mask should be applied to a clean face with a thin layer.

3. Mix the pulp of watermelon, melon, fresh cucumber, tomato, white cabbage, pre-chop to a homogeneous mass. For a liter of boiling water, add a teaspoon of soda and a tablespoon of chamomile. Dampen the towel in hot water and apply to face for 5-7 minutes. Then use a mask of the ground products. Hold for 5-10 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

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For oily skin from cabbage, you can prepare cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing masks.


Oily skin is more polluted than any other, so simple washing, even with soap, is not enough for its complete purification. Deeper cleaning can give a unique cleansing cabbage mask. They should be conducted at least once a week.

1. If the skin is very oily, wash the cleansed face with warm water to expand the pores, and apply a mask consisting of a teaspoon of chopped fresh cabbage and a tablespoon of shallow salt. Do not hold the mask on the skin, but lightly massage it with light massage movements, following the directions from the middle of the chin and the nose to the ears and the center of the forehead in opposite directions, avoiding the area around the eyes. Rinse the mask with warm water so that the pores do not have time to close before the dirt comes out of them, and then rinse your face with cold water or wipe it with a piece of ice wrapped in cheesecloth.

2. A more gentle, mild cleansing mask for oily skin consists of cabbage juice and black bread. Breadcrumb put into the cabbage juice; when it softens, apply the resulting gruel to a face washed and slightly steamed over a hot herbal decoction with gentle pressure movements, observing the main directions of the message. When the mask starts to slide freely, wash it off with warm water. Finish the procedure by rinsing your face with cold water.

3. Oily skin has excessive alkalinity; it is necessary to fight it with the help of acid, so to neutralize the alkaline environment and remove excess fat, use with ok sauerkraut. You can wash with water at room temperature, mixed with cabbage juice in a 2: 1 ratio. It is even better to wipe the skin with a cotton swab moistened with fresh or sour cabbage juice.

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. To do this, two teaspoons of cabbage juice is mixed with a teaspoon of flour or egg whites, applied to a face soaked in cabbage juice for a quarter of an hour and washed off with warm water pleasant to the skin. Fitness and brilliance will disappear.

5. The ash of sea kale, yeast, thick sour cream and lemon juice is mixed in equal proportions and applied to the face for 15 minutes. The mask is washed off with warm boiled water. This is an excellent tool for cleaning the skin and removing pigment spots



There is a stereotype that oily skin needs only cleansing and once again cleansing and moisturizing and nourishment are designed for other skin types. This is misleading because fat and moisture are different things: excessive grease contributes to not retaining water, but only irritates the skin, and as a result, oily skin ages, losing moisture and contained in the cell’s complex of various elements. Therefore, it must be supplied with the necessary nutrients and vitamins.

1. Well nourishes and refreshes the oily skin of the face mask, prepared from a teaspoon of grated fresh cabbage, a teaspoon of gruel from cucumber and egg whites. Stir the vegetables separately and mix with whipped in a glass container with a protein. Put the mask on the cleansed face and hold it until it starts to dry out. Egg white has an astringent effect, the juice of cucumber and cabbage moisturizes the skin, and the vitamins and active elements contained in vegetables nourish it. Also, the mask has a light whitening property.

2. No special preparation requires a cover from sauerkraut – apply cabbage on a cleaned face, without even crushing it. Hold the mask for a quarter of an hour and rinse with cold water. Sour cabbage will remove excess fat and nourish the skin with useful substances.

3. Another mask is prepared from whipped protein, a teaspoon of fresh cabbage juice and half a teaspoon of cream – mix all the ingredients, apply the mask to your face. When it starts to dry out, use one more layer. Repeat the procedure three times, then rinse again with a dry mask with warm water and rinse your face with cold water.

4. The mask, which nourishes the skin and gives it dullness, is prepared from a teaspoon of potato or wheat flour, two teaspoons of sauerkraut juice and a teaspoon of honey. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly, apply the mask to the wet face for half an hour, then rinse with a mixture of an equal amount of boiled water and milk. If the honey is thick, add a little more cabbage juice to the mix, so that the mask has a consistency of sour cream.

5. The revitalizing effect is provided by a mask prepared from a tablespoon of low-fat cottage cheese, egg yolk and sour cabbage juice. Pound the cheese and yolk until smooth and add the cabbage juice with a teaspoon until the mass becomes soft enough, similar to mashed potatoes, but not spreading. Keep the mask on your face for about half an hour, rinse with cold water.

6. A few drops of dandelion juice mixed with powder from the leaves of sea kale and add to this mixture a little white clay. Apply mask on face for 5 minutes, then rinse with warm water and wipe face with ice cube. The mask has an excellent whitening and cleansing effect.



The best methods to cure fat skin. Cut fresh cabbage leaves into large pieces and pass through the meat grinder. Press and cook in milk until softened. In the resulting gruel, add a teaspoon of fresh cabbage juice and 1/2 teaspoon of freshly squeezed juice. Apply mask to face for 3 minutes. Rinse with warm water and apply a moisturizer to your face.

is the mask is well-whitened skin, removes freckles and age spots. But you should remember that using milkweed can cause skin inflammation or allergies, so before using the prescription, drip a few drops of milkweed on the skin near the elbow. If there is no redness or irritation on the skin, make a mask.

In Russia, for bristling the face skin, brine pickle was used in half with water.

Often, with oily skin, the pores on the face are dilated, which in itself is not very attractive, but with inattentive care, they are clogged and form pustules. There are several masks that have an astringent, constricting and cleansing action that will help cope with these kinds of troubles.

6. To narrow the pores and decrease a mask is used, made from whipped egg whites and added to it two teaspoons of sour cabbage juice. Apply the mask with a cotton swab, hold until it dries, the tightening effect appears, then apply another layer and repeat these actions until the protein-juice mixture runs out. Remove the mask with a cotton or gauze swab, moistening it with warm tea, finish the procedure by rinsing the face with cold water.

7. The cabbage-apple mask tightens and refreshes the skin. Prepare it uncomplicated: grate on a small grater sour apple, fresh cabbage (if you use sauerkraut, – pound it with a pestle), take a tablespoon of both, mix with a teaspoon of potato flour. Get a pretty thick mask, which must be applied to the face – 15-20 minutes, removed using a cosmetic spatula or blunt side of the knife. After removing the mask, wash with water at room temperature, but not warm, so as not to disturb the resulting tightening effect.



It is somewhat difficult and troublesome to take care of mixed skin, as several different types of cosmetics have to be combined. A feature of the use of masks for this type of skin is that you need to prepare two masks for different parts of the face, containing different components. Cabbage juice is good because it contains vitamins and substances that are necessary and useful for dry, oily and normal skin.

Most often fat are the chin, the nose (especially the wings) and the middle part of the forehead, and the dry ones are the cheeks and neck. Thus, in the middle of the face you need to apply a mask that removes grease, and for the rest of the parts use saturated nutritional and moisturizing mixtures.

Before applying masks, moisten the middle part of the face with warm water, and grease your cheeks and neck with children’s or any other cream.



1. For the middle part of the face, mix a teaspoon of chopped sour cabbage with the same amount of calendula tincture, add the crumbled crumb of black bread for density. On the other areas of the face, apply a mask made from a teaspoon of low-fat cottage cheese, a teaspoon of parsley juice and half a teaspoon of olive oil. Hold the mask for 10-15 minutes and rinse with warm water.

2. On the middle part of the face, apply a mask made from a teaspoon of sour cabbage juice, the same amount of aloe juice, half a teaspoon of honey, a pinch of shallow table salt and wheat flour. The mask on the cheeks and neck is made from a teaspoon of fresh cabbage juice, the same amount of carrot juice, mayonnaise and a pinch of potato flour.



1. Mix a teaspoon of grated apple, chopped cabbage, low-fat cottage cheese and yogurt, apply this mask to the areas of oily skin. On the other parts of the face, prepare a mask from a mashed banana slice, a teaspoon of finely chopped cabbage, cream, half a teaspoon of honey. Apply mask for 15-20 minutes, rinse with a mixture of water and milk in a ratio of 2: 1.

2. In the middle of the face, apply a mask of a teaspoon of sour cabbage juice, the same amount of calendula tincture, honey and pre-soaked and chopped oat flakes. On the cheeks and neck, prepare a mask from a teaspoon of the pulp of fresh cabbage, tinctures of chamomile and olive oil. Mask for dry skin applies several times. These masks have not only a moisturizing but also anti-inflammatory, soothing effect.

3. Prepare a mixture of 2 teaspoons finely chopped cabbage and cucumber , divide it into two parts, one add a teaspoon of cream and a few drops of fish oil, apply this mask on dry areas of the skin; in the remaining grated vegetables, add 5 drops of lemon juice and use the mixture to the middle of the face. Rinse off with water at room temperature or with cold tea.



1. Prepare the egg in advance so that it has room temperature, separate the protein from the yolk, spread them into different bowls. A small part of the cabbage leaf (thickened, which is closer to the stump), pour boiling milk, let stand to make it soft. Warm cabbage leaf rubbed into a slurry, mix with yolk and apply to dry areas of skin. For fat areas of the face, add a teaspoon of grated cabbage, a little honey and a pinch of flour to the protein.

2. Prepare two bowls, put one tablespoon of cottage cheese in each, rub, add fresh cabbage juice in one bowl, carrots – a teaspoon, a bit of fatty vitamin cream and plum to the way to get a consistency, sour cream. This mask is superimposed on dry areas of the skin. In another bowl, add two teaspoons of sour cabbage juice, a teaspoon of potato juice and honey, put on the middle part of the face. Wash off with warm, then cold water.

3. A mask made of yeast is very useful. Both portions of the mask should be done by lowering the dishes in hot water. For fatty areas of the face: put a teaspoon of yeast in the bowl, add the juice of sauerkraut, bringing the mixture to the consistency of sour cream; Lower the pan into the hot water so that the yeast begins to ferment. When the bubbles start to appear, add a mashed banana slice to the mixture, stir a warm mask and apply on face.

For dry skin areas in fermented yeast with fresh cabbage juice, add half a teaspoon of olive oil and the same amount of honey. Hold the mask until it cools, then remove the blunt side of the knife or gauze swab, rinse your face with water at room temperature mixed with fresh cabbage juice in a 3: 1 ratio.



The skin begins to wither when cells lose moisture; metabolic processes are slowed down in them. Wrinkles appear, the face looks flabby, saggy, skin color deteriorates. Cabbage, rich in vitamins, nutrients and well moisturizing, is a component of many masks that can revitalize aging skin.

1. Mix one teaspoon of finely grated fresh cabbage, carrots, kiwi, banana, cream, and honey. Pour the resulting mashed potatoes on your face, peeled with a cotton swab dipped in dilute cabbage juice for 15-20 minutes, rinse with warm water and smear” mask” the skin with baby lotion or some other cream.

2. Lightly steam your face over the hot broth of medicinal herbs (chamomile, calendula, etc.). Blot the skin with a paper towel and apply a mask made from a teaspoon of warm mashed potatoes, the same amount of wiped sauerkraut, a few drops of vegetable oil and vitamins A, E in oil. When the mask has cooled, hold it on your face for another 3-5 minutes, then remove it with a wooden spatula or blunt side of the knife, rinse your face with cold water mixed with sour cabbage juice in a 3: 1 ratio.

3. Tones well and gives the skin the elasticity of the following mask: Prestolite pestle a teaspoon of oatmeal, soak in two teaspoons of fresh or sour cabbage juice. When the oatmeal swells, add in them half a teaspoon of mayonnaise, honey, and fat face cream. Apply the mask to the skin, allow it to absorb and dry gently, then remove with moist tampons while simultaneously massaging the face. A slight reddening of the skin after the procedure indicates that you have activated blood flow and nutrient exchange.

4. Summer vitamin mask for aging skin: mix half a teaspoon of grated apple, cabbage, carrots, crushed berries of white or red currant, add a few drops of lemon juice. Apply on face moistened with warm water, hold for 20-30 minutes, rinse with cold water.


1. Wipe your face with a cotton swab moistened with a slightly diluted juice of fresh or sauerkraut. Put on the face and especially densely on the wrinkles mask, prepared from egg yolk, half a teaspoon of vegetable oil, a teaspoon of fresh cabbage, grated on a small grater, and a small amount of honey. Hold the mask for 15-20 minutes until it starts to thicken gently. After removing the mask, wipe the face with a swab soaked in diluted cabbage juice.


2. Boil a small part of the cabbage leaf in milk, mash until it is puree (approximately a teaspoon


should be obtained), stir in egg yolk, a teaspoon of mashed potatoes, half a teaspoon of cream, carrot and cranberry juice. Apply mask to cleansed face, hold for about half an hour, then remove with a cotton swab soaked in cold tea, let the skin dry and apply the cream.

3. Wash and apply a mask, prepared from equal parts of fresh and sauerkraut, potato flour and honey. This mask not only invigorates and revitalizes the skin but also gives it velvety.



4. Very efficient and saturated with vitamins and active substances mask, obtained by mixing a teaspoon of honey, rubbed with sauerkraut, aloe juice, and half yolk.

5. For this mask, you will need white clay, lemon juice and a scoop of ash of seaweed. Stir all the ingredients and apply to the face after bathing for 5-10 minutes, and then rinse. After the mask, apply a little nourishing cream on the skin.



1. Sea kale contains a large number of minerals and is successfully used as compresses for the skin . Especially effective compresses of fresh leaves of sea kale in the summer and autumn. Long stay under the hot summer sun makes the skin dry, fat-free, which leads to its rapid aging. Restore the structure of the skin will help you compress from sea kale and white clay.

After you take a shower or bath, apply to the skin washed leaves of sea kale and covered with white clay. Hold the compress until the clay dries. After that, stand under the shower and rinse the body of clay and cabbage leaves, wash the skin with softening vitaminized shower gel.

2. In summer, on the sea beach or near the river, put damp leaves of sea kale on the skin, this will help you to avoid drying and dehydration of the skin.


Mix the juice of fresh cucumber with a teaspoon of lemon juice. Add the juice of fresh cabbage, a teaspoon of vodka. Wipe face lotion in the morning and evening.



For this mask, you will need beeswax, cabbage leaf infusion, lemon, vegetable oil. Melt the beeswax and add the vegetable oil. In the resulting mixture add the infusion of leaves of sea kale and a teaspoon of lemon juice.

Apply this mask on face for 5 minutes. After the mask, use a moisturizer. It is recommended to do it before going to bed.



Gadgets are used to moisturize the skin, remove swelling and circles under the eyes, increase muscle tone and improve the complexion. The lotions are applied to the cleansed skin, applying pieces of cotton wool, gauze, thin tissue or small cloth to the whole face with eye holes moistened in the nutrient solution.

1. The regenerating effect is a cold lotion with a mixture of fresh or sauerkraut juice, carrots, potatoes and a small amount of cream. This lotion will help restore the vitality of tired skin.

2. A light whitening and pronounced toning action are provided by a lotion prepared from a quarter cup of fresh milk, two tablespoons of fresh cabbage juice, 20-25 drops of lemon juice and half a teaspoon of liquid honey.


Skin bleaching, erosion

Juice and gruel from fresh and sauerkraut have a whitening effect. Therefore they are one of the means of fighting freckles and pigment spots.

To prevent the appearance of freckles, early in the spring, start taking preventive measures – drink half a glass of sweetened fresh cabbage juice for a month, eat every morning on an empty stomach and at dinner 2-3 tablespoons of sauerkraut or drink brine every day.

The face will retain its whiteness even under the influence of a bright spring sun if you drink a third of a glass of sour cabbage juice in the morning and the evening a glass of milk or kefir.

If wrinkles did appear, and you are convinced that they do not adorn you in any way, then start with them a ruthless struggle for life and death. You can torture them with bleaches and masks based on cabbage juice.

1. To remove wrinkles, prepare a mixture of chilled rice “a recipe” broth with sour cabbage juice in a 1: 1 ratio. Moisten with a solution of cotton or gauze swabs and put them on a clean face. Hold until the tampons warm up, again moisten them with a mixture – repeat the procedure 5-7 times. Such lotions apply with interruptions in 3-4 days; freckles will fade, and then disappear.

2. For bleaching the skin, prepare the following mask: mix a teaspoon of chopped fresh and sauerkraut, parsley and mayonnaise. Keep the mask on your face for 20-30 minutes, then remove the cosmetic scapula or blunt side of the knife, wipe the skin with a swab moistened with fresh cabbage juice. Repeat the procedure every three days.

3. Another tool to combat freckles – wiping the skin with a cotton swab dipped in a mixture of fresh cabbage and lemon juice in a ratio of 2: 1. Wipe clean face in the morning and the evening every day, then rinse with cold water or rub it with a piece of ice (if the skin allows) and lubricate with light cream.

4. Lightens freckles and pigmented spots mask, prepared from a tablespoon chopped fresh or sauerkraut, egg whites, a teaspoon of chamomile broth and 5-7 drops of lemon juice.

5. To remove freckles, a mask is also used, which spares dry skin. It is prepared as follows: a teaspoon of potato flour, dilute milk or cream to the density of sour cream, add a teaspoon of fresh cabbage grated on a small grater, 3-5 drops of lemon juice. Apply the mask to the face, cleaned with a cotton swab dipped in fresh cucumber juice, and then, lightly lubricated with light cream, rinse with lukewarm water.

6. To remove freckles and age spots, use lotion from the juice of the roots of parsley, lemon, cabbage. Mix 50 g of parsley juice with a teaspoon of lemon and cabbage juice. Make lotions at night, before going to bed.



1. Remove the puffiness of the eyelids will help fresh juice from cabbage leaves. To do this, you need to wet a cotton swab with fresh juice and put it on your eyelids. Lie with your eyes closed for 20-30 minutes. It is enough to make a lotion a few times – and swelling will disappear.

2. If you are concerned about dark circles under the eyes, try to make lotion from lemon juice, sauerkraut, and chamomile broth. Four tablespoons of cabbage brine pour into 50 g of chamomile broth and add one teaspoon of lemon juice. Moisten with a decoction of a cotton swab and put on the skin near the eyes. Hold the tampon for 10 minutes, then rinse the skin with boiled water at room temperature.

At last some advice to keep your skin looking natural and more attractive. Wash your skin three times in a day, also one time with hot water. Eat healthy fruits and vegetables for skin health and freshness.

For more exciting tips or sharing your experience, you can comment below.


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