Helicobacteriosis or H pylori Anxiety Symptoms

Helicobacteriosis is a stomach pain which causes a harmful bacterium Helicobacter pylori. She lives in the pyloric area of the stomach and therefore received this name.

It was proved that the bacterium is able to withstand the destructive effect of the acidic environment of the stomach, a possibility which scientists have previously denied.
It Helicobacter causes the majority of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Breeding, microorganisms are destructive to the cells of the human stomach, causing some dangerous diseases (gastritis, ulcer, stomach cancer.
Destroy the bacterium and prevent the development of severe pathologies with the help of antibiotics that regulate the level of acidity of the stomach.

Bacteria Helicobacter pylori cannot live on air. They are transmitted only through mucus and saliva upon contact of the carrier and a healthy person.

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Most often, infection occurs when using the same utensils or personal hygiene products, with a kiss or from the mother to the child.

Getting through the oesophagus into the human stomach, the bacterium does not die under the action of hydrochloric acid. It penetrates into the mucous membrane that covers the walls of the stomach, destroying its tissues and disrupting normal functioning.

Thus, the gastric mucosa becomes inflamed, gastritis, erosion and ulcers develop, the risk of cancer of the stomach and other dangerous diseases increases.

Also, the protective properties of the shells of the stomach and intestines are violated.
Anxiety symptoms, indicative of a possible infection, are often recurring pains in the stomach.

Mainly the pain comes on an empty stomach, and after a meal calms down.
It indicates the presence of erosions and ulcers formed on the walls of the stomach.
Also among the symptoms often include heartburn, worsening with time, heaviness in the stomach, poor digestibility of meat foods, nausea and vomiting.

In the presence of these signs, it is recommended to pass a test for Helicobacter pylori. For diagnosis use a blood test, as well as a breath test and endoscopy.

It should be noted that not all carriers of these bacterium experience symptoms of the disease. For a long time, it can not manifest itself in any way, remaining in the walls of the stomach in an inactive state.
In many ways, the development of Helicobacteriosis affects the lifestyle of a person: smoking, alcohol abuse, improper diet and nervous overexertion.


Before treating Helicobacter, it is necessary to determine it. And for this, there is a particular technique.
But our doctors in any case immediately prescribe an antibiotic. If the patient has an ulcer of the stomach or duodenum, then they are automatically treated with specific drugs that affect Helicobacter, and additional studies cannot be performed, it is sufficient if a gastroscopy is done.
But this bacterium is present only in 30% of the population. Treatment is prescribed just in the case when the concentration of the bacterium is significant – this determines the analysis (taken directly from the stomach.

Treatment of Helicobacteriosis provides for a comprehensive therapy aimed at the destruction of a harmful microorganism in the stomach. Official medicine uses antibiotics. In the future – funds of traditional medicine. This is a prerequisite for the healing of erosions and ulcers.




Traditional medicine recommends treatment without the use of antibiotics. It allows to achieve good results and not to cause unnecessary harm to the human body, especially at the initial stage of the disease.
In general, collections of medicinal plants have long served man as reliable assistants in getting rid of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

If ulcers caused by Helicobacter pylori are formed, then such fees will help.
– Combine in equal quantities the grass of the yarrow, the mountaineer of the snake, the inflorescence of chamomile with calendula, celandine, seeds of dill and flax, St. John’s wort, the roots of the althaea and elecampane.

Beforehand, you need to grind the ingredients

A tablespoon of collection night is insisted in 0.5 litres of cold water, and boiled in the morning and evaporated in a water bath for 40 minutes.
After the medicine is removed from the fire, it must be insisted on for another two hours.
For an adult, the dose is a quarter of a glass of broth.
You need to drink it before meals, four times a day.
The medicine retains its therapeutic effects only for two days, after which it is necessary to prepare a new decoction.
The course of treatment is 20 days, then make a ten-day break. Then the course can be repeated.
– Grind and mix the string, plantain, St. John’s wort and celandine in the same proportions, pour 1 tbsp. l. Collecting one glass of boiling water.

Wrap up and insist for three hours.
Drink 1 tbsp. l. an hour and a half after eating.
This remedy will help relieve pain and cramping of the stomach or intestines.
The persistent symptom of Helicobacteriosis is heartburn. Eliminate it will help collect from celandine, St. John’s wort and chamomile.
Components take 1 tbsp. l. And pour 0.5 litres of cold water, insist the night, and boil in the morning.

Then the broth is cooked in a water bath for about 40 minutes, and it is insisted for three hours until ready and drink a quarter cup before eating.
Begin the recovery is necessary decoction of herbs that cause healing of the mucosa. Peppermint best handles this.

Drinking mint tea with honey for three weeks between meals perfectly cleanses the body (not only the stomach and intestines) from residual metabolic products and especially nitrogenous compounds that destroy not only the mucous membranes of the respiratory and digestive tracts but also the articular cartilage and the membranes of the brain.
And in the morning to drink on an empty stomach protein fresh chicken egg. This method already has a good curative effect.


After it, you must refrain from eating for two hours.
It must be remembered that other harmful bacteria, in particular, salmonella, may be present in raw eggs, and it is necessary to eat eggs raw very carefully.
A very important point is the fact that before you begin treatment, you need to find out whether your stomach acidity is high or low.



With an increased acidity of gastric juice, it is useful to take flax seed, potato juice and herbal infusion.
One tablespoon of flax seeds are poured with one glass of boiling water and kept in a water bath for about 20 minutes, filtered and take 1 tbsp. l. Before eating.
Slime obtained in this way has a positive effect on the stomach.
For the preparation of potato juice, take three potatoes and squeeze out the juice from them, consume 0.5 glasses before meals. The potato juice has an analgesic and soothing effect.
To prepare the infusion of herbs will need celandine, chamomile, St. John’s wort and yarrow. They are mixed in equal proportions (1 tbsp.) And pour 1 l of boiling water. You need to give the broth to brew and drink in small doses (2 tablespoons) for half an hour before meals.
With reduced acidity, elimination of Helicobacter by folk remedies is carried out with the help of cabbage, plantain or ayr.
From a small head of cabbage squeeze the juice, take an hour before eating a half cup. Cabbage juice promotes healing.

Squeeze juice from the crushed leaves of plantain. Take this drug for 1 tbsp. l. With warm water for half an hour before eating. Or 2 tbsp. l. Rhizome calamus pours 1 litre of boiling water. Take 0.5 glasses three times a day, also before meals.
With average acidity, a couple of hours after taking an empty stomach protein chicken egg take a collection of medicinal plants and tincture.

As such a therapeutic collection, I recommend the grasses of St. John’s wort, yarrow and marigold flowers were taken in equal quantities. These herbs contain natural antibiotics that depress the vital activity of the pathogen.
Three tablespoons of the collection pour 0.5 litres of boiling water and insist for one hour.

Drink 0.5 glasses before each meal every day for a month.


Supplement the treatment with tincture of propolis: 30 g of propolis should be poured 150 ml of 70% alcohol and insist for two weeks, shaking daily. Take 15 drops before eating. Course – one month.
There are cases of rapid and complete expulsion of the bacteria after using a mixture consisting of an alcoholic infusion of wormwood leaves and pumpkin seeds(in equal proportions.
The herbal mixture is poured into a half-litre jar to 1/3 of the volume and poured to the top with 40% ethyl alcohol. Insist for seven days in a warm and dark place, filter and take two tablespoons. Before eating in the morning and in the evening for two weeks.
However, this method can not be used by everyone, since it is possible to irritate the alcohol on the gastric mucosa, especially with exacerbations of peptic ulcer.

If you do not know what your acidity is, use in a sense universal recipes. These are enveloping agents that do not allow Helicobacter pylori to act on the walls of your stomach destructively.
In general, it is necessary to normalise the acidity of the gastric secretion. I recommend using juices and oils for this. Cabbage juice is the best. Drink it one glass three times a day.


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And of the oils, the sea buckthorn is best. It is taken for one tsp. Three times a day, along with honey, butter, cocoa powder, raw egg – 1 tsp. Each component in turn.
At night you need to take a glass of wrapping agent from flax seeds. Just brew two tsp. Flax seeds with a glass of boiling water and insist for 3 hours.

When the acidity is normal, I strongly recommend that you drink freshly squeezed beet juice during the day before eating. It should be held in an open dish for 2 hours, then mixed with water at a rate of 1: 1 and drink 0.5 glasses.


The disease is characterized by pain. As an analgesic, I recommend fees.

  • Devyasil, St. John’s wort and century mixed in equal proportions (1 tablespoon of each herb).
  • All this pour steep boiling water (1 liter) and insist for half an hour.
  • The broth is filtered and it is ready for use.
  • Take half a cup between meals.

From the pain will help, and this recipe:

  • Calendula, St. John’s wort and yarrow are mixed in the same way as the herbs in the previous recipe, and also pour a liter of steep boiling water.
  • The broth is aged for half an hour, filtered and drunk, as mentioned above.

A wonderful additional remedy for this disease is the rose hips syrup. Just take 1 tsp. within a month. Take a break for 2 weeks and again repeat the course of treatment. And tasty, and very useful!
Helicobacter treatment with a combination of medicinal herbs and mumie-based remedies has also proved to be excellent . You can use the following composition: 30 g fresh mummy carefully dissolve in 100 ml of freshly obtained aloe juice. Take 1 tsp. 20 minutes before meals. The course should last at least two weeks.
The effectiveness of Helicobacter pylori treatment is enhanced by the use of Perga. Prague is also used fresh, it is simply chewed – about 10 mg per day. It is better to do this after eating.
If you continue to worry about persistent pain in the stomach, get rid of which does not work out, you need to get a consultation of a gastroenterologist who can confirm or deny the presence of a microbe.
Through special tests it is possible to detect the presence of infection in feces and blood.
Among the most accurate methods of diagnosis include a biopsy. The tissue is taken directly from the gastric mucosa, which is examined for the presence or absence of Helicobacter antigens.
There is an opinion that prolonged absence of treatment can lead to the fact that the microbe will settle in the mucous membrane and remain there for the rest of life. I note that this is possible even if a person has a strong immunity.


Improvement must necessarily be combined with a special diet that normalizes the acidity of the stomach and creates a favourable background for the healing of ulcers and erosions.
Exclude from the diet all smoked, salted, spicy, fried.
The rules are simple enough, there is nothing complicated, and only if you observe them, you will soon feel relieved.
I repeat that every morning you need to drink a single squirrel of fresh eggs, and they do not eat for two hours.
There is also such a tasty and useful mixture, which also perfectly helps:

Here is a proper food plan which will help you out which type of food is essential or beneficial for you health and body.


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  • Dilute one egg white with the same amount of powdered sugar and vegetable oil (1 tbsp each).
  • Keep in the refrigerator and take 1 tbsp. l. on empty stomach.
  • After a couple of receptions, it will become easier.

A month after the start of treatment, you need at least ten days to drink only juices: fresh carrot along with beet juice, cabbage juice and raw potato juice.
After that, switch to raw, mashed fruits and vegetable salads with the addition of vegetable oil, raw egg yolks, fresh cream, and mint tea with honey.
Such food lasts 1-2 months.
Thus, it is possible to achieve a real cure for accompanying diseases and learn how to manage your body.
Erosive gastritis, which occurs literally in every third patient (including children), is cured in passing with the underlying disease in 1,5-2 months. This is the power of nature, not of medicine.
Once again about drinking mint tea with honey.  It is a real food for the tissues of the body. Honey at the same time heals an ulcer, and sucked in the stomach, nourishes the tissues and alkalizes. Within 25-30 days the whole body tissue becomes alkaline, the acidity of the gastric juice is normalized.
A sufficient amount of oxygen is of the utmost importance for proper metabolism in tissues, and therefore the intake of hydrogen peroxide (10 drops 3 times a day for 1 tbsp) will be very helpful in treatment.
A magnificent antibiotic of natural origin – turmeric. Thanks to this quality, the spice becomes truly priceless. Even though pharmacies are overcrowded with antibiotics, spice-medicine does not give such a strain on the heart, does not destroy the liver and does not harm the gastrointestinal tract, and even vice versa – it has a favourable effect on them.
And there is not that all known “addiction” of bacteria to the treatment – they certainly do not expect the attack by spices.
The best means for removing toxins from the body than turmeric, and you can not think of.
It has antiulcer action, fights Helicobacter pylori.
Curcumin reduces the secretion of juice and its acidity, and even kills the bacterium.
Turmeric is a powerful antiseptic and effective in diseases of the digestive tract and stomach, irreplaceable for chronic diarrhoea and flatulence.
In the treatment of powder, mixed with water (1 tsp mixed with a glass of water) is recommended.
Turmeric has analgesic, healing properties.
A few words about lovers of salt. A diet with a high salt content can increase the pathogenicity of Helicobacter.
But honey acts on Helicobacter pylori, like penicillin on putrid microbes. Not without reason in case of stomach disease, whether it be an ulcer or gastritis, it is recommended to use honey, diluted in warm water.
It is important to know that treatment is necessary for all members of the family at the same time, regardless of whether they have symptoms of the disease. This ensures complete destruction of the focus of the infection, as it excludes the transmission of the pathogen from the patient to a healthy, newly cured person.
Helicobacter is a bacterium that has the shape of a spiral. It spreads the infection in such organs of the body as the stomach and duodenum.
Many diseases of these organs are associated with the presence of this bacterium in the body, although there are cases when people infected with Helicobacter have no symptoms of the disease.
Of course, the disease is better prevented than treated. To prevent helikobaktera it is enough to adhere to only a few elementary rules of hygiene.

  • First, it is necessary to wash hands before eating, after visiting the toilet room, after going out into the street;
  • second, to wash vegetables and fruits before they are consumed;
  • thirdly, to hibernate the water, which we are kindly supplied with old and dirty water pipes to the apartments. By the way, during boiling, the Helicobacter bacterium perishes instantly.


It is better not to wait for seizures, but to rinse herbal teas prophylactically, for three weeks.
The composition of the teas may be different.
General in their preparation:

  • a set of herbs pour boiling water,R Recommended a set of herbs pour boiling water, insist for half an hour.
  • After that, it can be filtered and taken in half a cup between meals.

Here is a universal fee: 1 tbsp. l. herbs of St. John’s wort, centaury and root of elecampane per 1 liter of boiling water. Take, brewing like tea. But you must follow the rules of reception: take before meals, in small doses.
Let us draw your attention to the fact that this disease can be completely eliminated by combining traditional methods of treatment with traditional drugs. A treatment must necessarily be under the supervision of a competent specialist.
It may turn out that you need to treat not only the stomach but, for example, also the heart or liver.
In this case, I recommend taking beetroot juice. Squeezed out the root concentrate with the same amount of water, drink half a glass in two hours.
Juice has a beneficial effect on the liver, strengthens the walls of the capillaries, dilates the vessels, promotes the elimination of cholesterol, normalizes the work of the heart, and also prevents the proliferation of unwanted microorganisms in the intestine.
In combination with drugs to treat infection, I recommend the use of silver water.
When peptic ulcer and chronic gastritis exacerbate, the concentration of silver ions in the solution is 1000 μg / l. To prevent disease, the concentration of silver ions in the solution is 50-100 μg / l.
And once again about the appointment of antibiotics. Everyone knows that such treatment is fraught with dangerous consequences, for example, the so-called antibiotic-associated intestinal dysbacteriosis.
It is not by chance that probiotics are being advertised everywhere – substances that normalize the intestinal flora. After all, dairy products, filled with preservatives or horse doses of vitamin C (which in itself is a preservative), can not do it.
“Live” products are getting smaller. Here, lacto- and bifidobacteria are added to somehow support the body because these bacteria must live in the intestine, multiply, release enzymes, vitamins, suppress pathogenic and opportunistic microorganisms.
However, it is not enough to take preparations of lacto- and bifidobacteria, it is also necessary that they take root in the intestines, and for this, there must be a substrate for the – fibre.
About a hundred years ago, people used this fiber in the form of carrots, turnips, beets, greens, bran, etc. many times more than now.
Fiber stimulates the intestinal wall, prevents the onset of cancer and allows breeding useful bacteria.
Even the porridges that were used before were completely different: nobody grinded cereals, and the bread was not cleansed of fiber.
Therefore, try to eat fully, variously. Fruit and vegetables are needed in large quantities. And necessarily seafood.
Given that exacerbations of chronic diseases of the stomach and duodenum Helicobacteriosis aetiology occur in the spring and autumn, we can assume an increase in transmission of the pathogen in these seasons.
After the subsidence of acute phenomena, as a rule, the chronic form of gastritis develops.
It is necessary to carry out preventive measures aimed at preventing infection and re-infection of the mucous membrane.
I remind you that first of all patients and people around them should observe the rules of personal hygiene:

  • immediately before eating, wash your hands;
  • do not use a general dishwasher;
  • do not bite off, do not lick, but rather break off, cut off;
  • And Do not try from a single spoon or cup, or rather put it off, poured into another dish or discarded;
  • use personal hygiene products;
  • Do not give your kisses to everyone, appreciate yourself, protect your loved ones from infections.

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