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The face beauty is the essential part of human life. Everyone wants to look more attractive and beautiful. Facial muscles have always been toned; you need to continually train them, like the body, when doing sports. There is a specially designed gymnastics for the face – face building, a set of exercises that, with regular use, relieve wrinkles, prolong the elasticity and youthfulness of the skin.

Face building – Gymnastics Exercises For Face

Face building is a process of making your face more healthy more attractive, charming, and most beautiful. Therefore certain types of exercises medicine plastic surgeries and many other related are available. But in all of that to improve your natural face health, only saintly exercises are adequately required in your daily routine life.

Since modern women are aimed at eternal youth and unfading beauty, today face building has become unprecedented popularity  -specially designed gymnastics for the face, a complex of exercises that train the muscles of the face, making them more elastic and flexible. Every woman can quickly master them at home.



Face building: best result

There is an opinion that while maintaining maximum immobility facial expressions can save the skin from the formation of wrinkles and stretch. This idea of the development and work of muscles is fundamentally wrong.

Train your body muscles: if they are not warm and activated adequately, they lose elasticity, flexibility, and vitality, and will become decrepit and saggy.

If you regularly do gymnastics for the face, they are more active in resisting early aging and acquire a tone and freshness. The result will be visible. As a rule, in this case, the effect of the exercises does not have to wait long. After a month of face building, you can notice the significant changes that have occurred in the skin and face :

  • the skin becomes elastic, very elastic;
  • the complexion is restored: it again becomes healthy and radiant, because exercises increase lymph flow, improve blood circulation;
  • the contour of the face acquires clarity, relief, beautiful outlines;
  • the second chin  slowly but inevitably begins to disappear;
  • mimic shallow wrinkles are smoothed out, and they are no longer so visible;
  • the skin around the eyes changes: bags, edemas, dark circles, a set of wrinkles, called “crow’s feet,” disappear;
  • correctly performed exercises relieve tension and fatigue from the eyes;
  • the muscles of the lips relax, their contours also become more distinct, the “wrinkles of mourning” disappear in their corners;
  • a forehead massage will relieve facial wrinkles in this part of the face;
  • since the nasolabial muscles will be strengthened, the folds will disappear;
  • The drooping flews will also pull themselves up.

Such a complex effect on virtually all age-related changes occurring with the skin of the face, cannot provide any salon procedures and cosmetic products.

Face Building Exercises For Man | 5 Amazing Tips 

If the gymnastics for the muscles of the face is an entirely new and unusual thing for you, do not be afraid: you will quickly master it because today there are a lot of training videos on this issue.

Here you need to make a reservation immediately:  face building is different. You can choose a set of exercises, specifically directed against the formation of wrinkles, specifically designed to get rid of the second chin, Bayley or nasolabial folds.

Over time, you can choose any gymnastics, but you still have to start with a universal complex, all exercises of which are aimed at rejuvenation and facelift. Observing the basic rules and techniques of conducting face building, you will very quickly achieve results.

face building exercises for man
face building exercises for man

1. The most important rule:  you will need to practice daily, not missing a single day. Regularity is one of the essential conditions for the success of all facial exercises. Only if the muscles receive a constant load (it is recommended to increase it over time), they will be able to acquire the necessary elasticity and elasticity. If for some reason you have not found these 10 minutes in your day for face building, the muscles very quickly atrophy, grow old, lose the acquired tone.

2. The time for the gymnastics for the face you choose yourself: it can be morning, lunch break at work, evening – any convenient for you time interval in your busy business day. Experts are the best option called evening time, about a couple of hours before going to bed. The skin is currently in a semi-relaxed state, has already been cleared of cosmetics. The duration of face-building in 10 minutes you can vary on your own: this is just the recommended minimum, which you can extend if you wish, and up to 20 minutes, if you are aimed at a faster and more lasting effect from your studies.

Choose a Specific Set Of Exercises For The Face

3. Choose a particular set of exercises for the face, as mentioned above, to start with is better – universal. It should have 8-12 exercises, each of which will need to be done 6-8 times daily.

4. After three months of intensive training, when the results will delight you and delight others, you will be able to assess the weaknesses of your facial muscles, which are least amenable to training. Some cosmetic defects can be very stable: someone cannot get rid of the second chin for a long time, and somebody does not have horizontal folds, wrinkles on his forehead. As soon as you decide on these shortcomings, which do not want to leave your pretty face, choose face building specifically for them. Three months you give to the development of new exercise then again change the set of exercises by their needs or return to the old, universal. Here the main thing is diversity, which does not allow the muscles to stop at what has been achieved, getting used to the same complex.

5. After the exercise for the face is over, you need to wash with cold water, then pamper your skin with your favorite day cream. exercise


Exercises For face And Neck Building

Numerous exercises for the facial muscles give room for choice and at the same time confused. Choosing this or that complex, look, that in it there were no more than 12 exercises and that they developed consistently all parts of the face: forehead, eye area, cheeks, nose, lips, chin, neck.

Try To do Each Exercise, Practice

  Understand the technology of their implementation, They are challenging for you, whether you are comfortable doing them. All this is of great importance because within three months you will live with them. And if they are unsuccessfully chosen, it is unlikely that this will give you a sense of satisfaction and comfort.

Exercise Against Flew

Gather a full mouth of air. Roll the formed balloon from one cheek to the other. And try to stretch the muscles of both cheeks to the limit.

Exercise For Wrinkles On The Forehead

Open your eyes wide, as if you were very much surprised at something. But try not to wrinkle your forehead in any case. Focus on some particular, arbitrarily chosen point in the distance. Lock with such expression and a look directed to the range, for 10-15 seconds.

Exercise for the lips

Hold your lips tightly, try to smile through your strength, stopping yourself, try to keep your lips with a bow all this time. Then pull them as far forward as possible, pull your cheeks in, into yourself. Secure this position for at least 10 seconds.

Exercise For Nasolabial Folds

Exercise for nasolabial folds

Nasolabial is also known as smile line; It usually occurs at the age of 30 to 50 year. Lightly press your fingertips on the large nasolabial fold. Protect and lift the skin lightly with your fingers, stretch your facial muscles so that your fingers feel strong resistance, but they do not let go of the skin.

Exercise against the mournful corners of the lips

Pull the neck as much as possible forward, draw an air kiss. Tense
 your face muscles, start blowing air through your lips. Attach 
the middle and index fingers to the lips, lightly press, try to
 do the same again.

Exercise For Facial Wrinkles

Open your mouth to the maximum width, stick out your tongue, roll your eyes, lock for a minute in this position. Then take a deep breath through your nose, clench your fists, tighten all the muscles of your face. Exhale through the mouth, stick out the tongue, bully your eyes.

Exercise Against The Second Chin

This exercise is useful not only for fixing the muscles of the chin and the entire lower jaw but also for the shoulders and neck. Tilt the head as far back as possible. Feel for the tip of the tongue the tubercle located at the upper point of the palate. And click on it with the tongue. Turn the head to the left as far as possible, extend the neck. Do the same in the opposite direction.

Exercise For Vertical Wrinkles On The Forehead

exercises for forehead

Firmly press against each other three middle fingers (work with both hands). Place them on either side of the vertical wrinkles on the forehead. The fingers will be below, at the very edge of the eyebrows. Then tighten your fingers on the skin, start slowly pushing your hands in different directions. Do not let go of your skin for a whole minute. Keep it tight during this time, try to shift your eyebrows at the same time, keep them as tight as possible.

Exercise for horizontal wrinkles on the forehead

Point your fingers over your eyebrows, try to repeat with your fingers their curved shape. Raise your eyebrows in surprise, while resisting them with your fingers.

Do not be afraid to experiment and make up your own set of exercises. Ideal exercises for the face and neck is the one that gives you pleasure, and it turns out. If you feel that some exercises are not given to you, replace it with another. Let it be from another complex; the main thing is that it should train the same group of facial muscles.

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