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Someone run away due to unpleasant smell from your body.? Don’t worry it’s not any kinds of disease nor there is an issue with your inner health. It sometimes occurs when you choose wrong foods to eat. 

Speech does not go about not eating raw garlic, because of which we have such a strong unpleasant smell from the mouth, that it can not be killed either by brushing your teeth or mint candies.

It is meant that the food chosen influences the smell of the human body. So, because of some products, the sweat that we give out can get a sharp and unpleasant smell.


Food which can cause unpleasant Smell

Can Food Cause An Unpleasant Smell in the Body?

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  • Can food cause unpleasant body odor?  Yes, this is true.  Often we do not even know it. We take a shower twice a day, change socks. But we are confessed by the impression that in our case neither deodorant nor toothpaste is willing to cope with their duties.
  • This is because the unpleasant odor does not come from specific places, but from the skin pores of the entire surface of the human body.
  • It should be borne in mind that there are products that increase the acidity of sweat. It is because of this that our body has an unpleasant smell. Thus, the appearance of repulsive sour perspiration is caused by the disturbances in the balance of the processes of organic chemistry in our body. Usually, this happens when we are engaged in sports or are in motion.
  • Inside each of us, there are toxins. They are derived in different ways. Most toxic substances leave our body along with feces, urine, exhaled air and sweat.
  • When we eat wrong or eat a lot of food that increases acidity, the risk of our body starting to emit an unpleasant and pungent odor increases.  Why? The fact is that in this case, he has to work harder to properly remove all the toxins.

 Foods Which Cause Unpleasant Smell

There are many Food which can cause unpleasant Smell and, It is possible that your body continues to smell unpleasant even in the face of careful hygiene and regular showers.  Perhaps, it is necessary to look for the reason in the food, eaten for dinner the night before?

We assure you, in this case, neither clean clothes, nor French perfumes, nor talc for shoes will help.

Would you like to know which food enhances the unpleasant smell of the body? Now you will find out about this.

Red meat

Food which can cause unpleasant Smell

The Charles University of Prague organized a curious and fascinating study. Experts collected sweat samples of men who consume red meat and vegetarians. After that, a group of women had to analyze these samples and determine which of them seemed to them the most repulsive. It turned out that the sweat with the most unpleasant smell belonged to men who ate red meat.


Food which can cause unpleasant Smell

First of all, it should be noted that garlic causes an unpleasant odor from the mouth. But that’s not all: some people because of the garlic is repulsive and a fresh smell.

An irreplaceable ingredient in many delicious dishes, garlic contains volatile substances that can be released together with sweat. When these substances enter the blood and lungs, our skin and breathing acquire a repulsive smell. 

Hydrogenated Oils

Such oils are used in the production of fast food. They are quickly broken down by our body. Therefore, as soon as you eat your burger (do not forget that besides these oils it contains meat), the smell of your body will not change for the better.

It does not matter whether you sit or relax, your sweat becomes fat and gets a repulsive smell.  Very often, in addition to burgers, such a dinner includes a portion of French fries, which are also made using hydrogenated oils.


Food which can cause unpleasant Smell

Aromatic spices such as curry and cumin give unforgettable gustatory notes to our dishes, but at the same time, they are “enemies” of personal hygiene.

Therefore, if you sing in an Indian restaurant before going in for sports, your sweat will be sharper, and an unpleasant smell will remain even after you take a shower.


Food which can cause unpleasant Smell

Alcoholic drinks do more harm than good. Quite often it turns out that the unpleasant fragrance of a hangover after a party accompanies us and after we visit the soul.

Alcohol enters the blood, leaving our body with breathing and sweat. This explains the fact that an alcoholic party for so long gives us information about ourselves, even if we try to keep it a secret.


Food which can cause unpleasant Smell

As for sausages, this situation resembles what is happening with meat and fast food.  Maybe you are a fan of sausages and pie? In this case, the culprit of your problem does not need to be looked for far. When such food is digested, the acidity of the stomach increases and gases appear.

Therefore, if it seems to you that lately, your sweat is unpleasantly smelling, it would be better to refuse such food.


Food which can cause unpleasant Smell

Asparagus is delicious and useful. It should be noted that this product does not cause a repulsive sweat. And as for urine, the latter can acquire a sharp smell due to asparagus.  The reason for this is that asparagus contains mercaptan sulfur.




Food which can cause unpleasant Smell

For many of us, the unpleasant smell of fish is associated with the section of the supermarket, where the fresh seafood is laid out. Processed fish has no unpleasant odor. And how does our body react to the fish? It should be borne in mind that the use of fish also can affect the smell of our body.

It is essential to note that this concerns not all people, but only those of us who suffer from such a congenital metabolic disorder, like trimethylaminuria (fish-smell syndrome).

This problem tears up the disturbances in the digestion of fish, as a result of which it becomes more difficult for our body to remove toxins.


Food which can cause unpleasant Smell

Cabbage and broccoli are the favorites of many people. These vegetables are an indispensable ingredient in many recipes. At the same time, these products contain sulfur, which can lead to an unpleasant odor.

The latter concerns gases that acquire a hideous smell resembling a rotten egg.

If you like cabbage, it’s okay if you make yourself happy with it from time to time.  Such foods contain many useful antioxidants and nutrients.


Food which can cause unpleasant Smell


Maybe you can not imagine a morning without a fragrant cup of hot coffee?  Perhaps you drink coffee several times during the working day.

In this case, it is coffee that can be the cause of the unpleasant odor from your body, which does not disappear even when we wash and change clothes.

It should be remembered that caffeine has a stimulating effect on the sweat glands, as a result of which we sweat more.

Onion or Bow

Food which can cause unpleasant Smell

Perhaps, the onion is the same obligatory ingredient in any kitchen, like garlic. In this case, we must not forget that the onion can become the culprit of an unpleasant smell from the mouth and the skin. This especially applies when we eat fresh onions.

The oils contained in the onion get into our blood, which filtered by the lungs and are released together with the respiration

So the following foods which you need to prevent during the time of eating, but it is not necessary to completely boycott theses food. You can reduce the use of these foods.

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