Female Obesity, Causes And The Best Treatment

Female obesity is the most common problem of today,s generation. And unlikely it is spreading all around the world very fast.

It is a very challenging situation for a young and married girl to keep their looks beautiful and make them healthy.

The problem of obesity is increasing day by day, especially in America where almost 40% of women are facing this issue.


female obesity

In the case when there is a tendency to excessive deposition of fat on the body of a woman, obesity is diagnosed, and this is a serious diagnosis.

The causes of obesity are more significant than it may seem at first glance – besides the unhealthy lifestyle, the excess use of harmful food, overeating, there are other reasons about which ladies and gentlemen, are facing.

The main symptoms of obesity include a set of extra pounds and the appearance of fat deposits on the body, a person with excess weight is noted for shortness of breath, pain in the joints.

Most often there are symptoms of varicose veins, leading to the appearance of pain in the muscles of the legs and the formation of trophic ulcers.

Metabolic disorders and increased blood pressure are also frequent companions of obesity, leading to a decrease in the quality of life.

According to statistics, women are more susceptible to obesity than men, and if a woman has an active lifestyle and a well-balanced diet, she is not prone to overeating, is drinking, then the cause of weight gain may be those violations that will be discussed.

As for the genetic predisposition, it is worth paying attention to the genes responsible for weight gain, and contributing to the development of obesity.

But it should be noted that scientists found genes that promote obesity you can “blame” only four cases of illness per hundred people, other percentages are due to precisely the reasons that you read about, although about heredity, everything is not so simple.

Having a family who suffers from this disease, a child, or children, will also be at risk of obesity in sixty-five percent. It is understood that two and three kiddies can differ in excess weight.

If obesity strikes one of the parents, then the risk of the disease for children is reduced to fifty percent – one or two will become ill – female obesity, the causes.

Most lucky kids, whose parents are slender – the risk of the disease, in this case, is reduced to nine percent.

But the increase in the number of genes responsible for pathological weight gain remains the same for a long time, but more people with more weight every year.

Involuntarily there are thoughts of other factors, obesity contributing so that the analysis continues and the next factor that adds to the appearance of the disease call the doctor a malfunction in the endocrine organs.

Hypothyroidism and Itenko-Cushing syndrome most often cause overweight. With reduced thyroid function, hypothyroidism is diagnosed, which is characterized by a slowed metabolism, contributing to a set of extra weight.

A constant feeling of chilliness is added to the reduced metabolism, even in the heat, dry skin, baldness, difficulties with the act of defecation, muscle weakness, memory impairment and concentration of attention, the presence of symptoms of depression join the constant feeling of fatigue.

Doctors ascertain hypothyroidism reduction of all body functions, which means that calories are also spent less to maintain vital functions, which contributes to a set of extra weight.

At occurrence, at least a part of the described signs, consultation with the endocrinologist is necessary – female obesity, the reasons.

With adrenal hyperfunction diagnosed with Itenko-Cushing syndrome, called doctors and hypercorticism, also contributing to obesity.

Description of the interaction of the adrenal cortex with the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, too complicated for people not familiar with endocrinology.

This disease is characterized by excessive accumulation of fat in the buttocks, abdomen, neck, and face, besides there are jumps in blood pressure, and after persistent hypertension, electrolyte dysfunction, problems in the work of the heart, up to the violation of the heart rhythm associated with a breach of potassium metabolism.

Women note increased hair growth throughout the body, local atrophy of the skin, menstrual dysfunction, the presence of high glucose content in the bloodstream.

Some Problems with the conception of the baby, the appearance on the skin of a lot of stretches of purple color. Local hyperhidrosis and long healing wounds and scratches should be sure to alert.

The addition of osteoporosis symptoms with pain along the bones, susceptibility to suicides due to a depressive condition – the presence of all described a direct way to a specialist consultation.


it is worthwhile to talk more about other causes of female obesity, affecting not only the appearance of women, but also the quality of life, and yet we all want to live as best and comfortably as possible.

female obesity

Having so real desires, every woman should pay attention to the way of life, to the food addictions that are peculiar to her – these parameters also have a significant influence on the weight of a woman.

The most important thing is to change your lifestyles, such as the place of residence and work.

If it is available, and our immediate surroundings, including colleagues, friends, girlfriends, and relationships with these people. We should also take into account what kind of clothes we prefer and what kind of food.

Whether there are any hobbies, hobbies, habits – harmful and not too much, even transport with which we prefer to travel around the city, also need to take into account.


All aspects, of course, cannot be taken into account, but it is worth knowing that it is the lifestyle that largely determines the likelihood of the appearance of extra weight.

Because the presence of obesity in many women and young ladies is a consequence of the current lifestyle.

One has only to compare the lives of our grandmothers who pay much attention to physical labor and nutrition without any harmful drinks and fast foods, and who prefer natural home food, with the present – everything will immediately become clear!.

Nowadays everything is “in the hands” of technology, and we prefer to drive by our car or in public transport, we do not walk very much on foot, even on the third floor we climb not by a staircase, but by an elevator.

foods that cause of obesity
foods that cause of obesity

Now, most of us eat not because we feel hungry, but often from idleness, or want to make a company to a colleague who wants a seagull with cakes and pies.

Or only because the time has come for a lunch break, then you need to eat, even if there is no feeling of hunger – a habit, a vast power! Many, consuming food, just want to get rid of the feelings of discomfort that they experience – about other causes of female obesity.

We must pay tribute to food habits, which are considered one of the leading causes of obesity, which is inherent in becoming hereditary, passed from parents to children, grandchildren.

And the evening, especially the time before going to bed, is acceptable for a lavish dinner! And do you think that obesity will not become a threat to any girl, a woman who leads a similar lifestyle and has the described addictions?

– Of course, everything will affect the condition of the figure, and after the AH and OX, especially in comparison with slender colleagues and girlfriends … Food, for many ladies, becomes a means of satisfying all kinds of needs.

Many scientists have noticed how food predilection is the satisfaction of many requirements that were previously unremitting, although most of them have nothing to do with hunger.

Food becomes a universal remedy for everything, a disturbing person. For some, to eat in the company of certain people. This is already an indicator of status – and also the absence of hunger cannot be the reason for the refusal – in a word, the influence of stereotypes.

And even limiting ourselves at other times in the use of a particular food, to refuse in this case, it is impossible – after all “for the company” And fresh kilograms will not slow down at the waist. Sometimes the feeling of fear is also an excellent incentive for consuming food – so the woman needs to calms down and to go to bed.


What should be the best BMI [ body mass calculation] for women?

Best BMI for female obesity
Best BMI for female obesity

Having a BMI below 18.5 is considered a very underweight and possibly malnourished. However, if a BMI of 18.5 to 24.9 is within a healthy weight range for a young and middle-aged girl. moreover, a BMI between 25.0 and 29.9 is considered as overweight.


One of the most likely factors contributing to the collection of superfluous CG is the stress that the majority can provoke an uncontrollable appetite.

Among the types of confrontation with stress include active and passive methods. The first includes the discovery of the source of stress and its elimination, while the passive ones only suggest the removal of the negative impact of a stressful situation.

It is desire through food to get rid of stress and is thus a passive way to eliminate stress. The adrenal gland, during stress, increases the production of cortisol, which contributes to the appearance of superfluous CG and the appearance of abdominal fat

– which catches the abdominal cavity, enveloping the abdominal cavity organ with fat folds. It contributes to the occurrence of type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and other cardiovascular problems.

Doctors say that it is for people with superfluous CGs to prefer a passive strategy to deal with stresses and not another. And psychologists believe that women who have fat in the abdomen often experience dissatisfaction with life – so it is, or not, to decide for you, dear ladies.

A proper sleeping routine is essential for human life. Almost 8 to 9 hour in  24 hours. If you are too much busy then we recommend you to also take rest at evening time to keep your body and mind stress-free. A lot of side effects occurs when you do not sleep in a proper routine. Missing sleep has lots of side effects.

Sleep disorders often provoke a set of superfluous CG, although many do not give this fact attention. Snoring, as is known along with men and adorable ladies, and suffer from the syndrome of obstructive sleep apnea, which is called the OSAS, I wrote about this on the blog Useful Knowledge for All.

This condition is fraught with oxygen starvation, because of what a woman who seemed to be sleeping all night, for the morning feels tired, the same way throughout the day

And this is like no stress, from which many try to get rid of a pleasant, but fraught with obesity way – to eat with appetite, besides not just eating, but leaning on tasty and unwanted products, from which there are excess folds – and again the causes of obesity in women.


The infinite feeling of fatigue, dissatisfaction with life again have to be seized by harmful delicacies, which leads to a vicious circle! Although the lovely lady is sure that the admission of “usefulness” into the body will give her the strength to struggle with fatigue, such iridescent illusions remain unjustified – except for superfluous CG does not appear.

keep exercise daily to beat obese

However, in order not to look in the eyes of the people with a lazy fat woman, the woman tries to perform more a more significant amount of work, not caring about the regime of rest and sleep, which leads only to a feeling of fatigue, and, accordingly, to obesity.


According to the opinion of psychologists, women with extra pounds tend to seize any emotional sensations, especially sudden ones. They perceive such outbursts of emotions in the form of hunger and even disappointment in something.

Or in someone else, or realizing that long cherished hopes are still unrealizable, the lady feels dissatisfaction with life, takes it for hunger spasms and immediately strives to satisfy “requests “Of the stomach, as it seems to her.

A similar attitude to boredom, sadness, irritation, and most such are more subject to the ladies, and not men. The latter tend to be more comfortable to treat life’s vicissitudes, as it turns out, to your advantage.


  • The symptom, called alexithymia, is used to scribble a psychosomatic disease, and it can be attributed to them, along with many, just depression along with obesity. 
  • It means the inability to express in words those emotions that are characteristic of a woman at the moment, in another way – the failure to designate words of their sensations. It is challenging for such people to distinguish between anxiety and fear, or anger with sadness.
  • Instead of feeling the difference and consciously experiencing emotion, a woman chooses the path more comfortable – just to seize an incomprehensible sensation that causes mental discomfort.
  •  According to the findings of the researchers, alexithymia is inherent in complicated, and even hampering the manifestation of the valid reasons for the collection of superfluous CG, and therefore their elimination.
  •  Now let’s talk about no less important in the life of any woman – sexual life. Sexual life experience has a significant impact on the physical and emotional health of all women, actually men as well.
  •  Any physical contact, be it hugs, massage even, sexual relations, sensations during orgasm, contribute to the production in the body of a woman of the hormone oxytocin, which provides a sense of peace, satisfaction, safety, this hormone promotes sexual satisfaction.
  • But this same hormone is intensively produced and during the consumption of delicious, fatty foods. Therefore, women experiencing erotic dissatisfaction calm down and get the desired emotions by eating different calorie delicacies – the factors behind the development of obesity.


Psychologists point out the fact that a woman, a girl who previously experienced sexual violence and hiding it, unconsciously seeks to recruit superfluous CG to become less attractive sexually, in order not to be exposed to unpleasant actions – who want to experience the unwanted experience of violence again.

According to research, it is proved that victims of violence with great difficulty getting rid of superfluous CGs than those who are not familiar with this.

That is why, connecting sex with unwanted feelings – fear, anxiety, pain, experienced in the past, a woman tries to hide her femininity by a set of

superfluous CGs, so that an unpleasant act again does not happen – in other words, decides in every possible way to avoid sexual contact.

To the next reason of a set of excess weight the propensity of young ladies, ladies at any cost to remain in conformity with their social environment.

At the same time, it should be taken into account that eating refers to the social process, and it is the joint meals that help to bring each other closer together, they also help to strengthen the ties between the companions.

But every separate group of people – be it a family, work collective, girlfriends, a company of like-minded people, has particular gastronomic traditions, which it is highly undesirable to violate, to avoid resistance of the other members of the group.

After all, in the priority of the majority of the members of the group, there is by no means a change in food preferences because of one dissent, who suddenly decided to change them at will.

Not wanting to be a “black sheep,” the objection is forced to eat like the rest, which makes it almost impossible to get rid of unnecessary weight – the factors of the development of obesity.

Low Physical Activity canObesityObestiy

And the last but most important, the most common evil in reducing weight is a sedentary lifestyle.

If you think about it, most of our lives we all sit on the pope – from computers, TVs, we go in cars or public transport and do not go on foot, we spend the working day, mostly in a sitting position, although with rare exceptions.

But physical activity, it’s an extra plus in reducing excess weight. Many experts confirmed that people who lead an active lifestyle, even having excess weight, health is much better than those who are thin, who prefer low activity.

If we talk about healthy performance, should be given to physical culture, or feasible sports at least an hour a day, at the most, half an hour, however, as many days as possible in a week, and it is better not to miss a single day.

Obesity is a very complex problem that majority of the people are facing now a day.
Different factors are involved which can cause obesity like, environmental, cultural, and social influences. Also some other factors could be involved. However proper diet plan and a set of daily routine life can help to cop up with this problem.

it is necessary to make a personal list of factors interfering with weight loss, or contributing to obesity and try to eliminate them.


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