COLE & COPE is more than a clothing brand. It's a fusion of American and Asian fashion, a bridge between two worlds. When they decided to expand into the Asian market, they needed a brand identity that would reflect their unique vision. That's where we came in.
We worked closely with COLE & COPE to understand their American roots and their Asian aspirations. We wanted to create a brand that would honor both cultures and appeal to both audiences. We did extensive research, creative brainstorming, and artistic design to craft a brand story that balanced tradition and modernity.
We chose colors that matched the energy of Asian street fashion and branding elements that hinted at American history. We paid attention to every detail, from the fonts to the logos to the slogans. We created a brand that was not just a collection of clothes, but a statement of style.
COLE & COPE's journey into the Asian market is not just about selling clothes. It's about building a cultural connection. They bring with them a brand that celebrates diversity and collaboration. Welcome to COLE & COPE, where fashion has no limits and where style is a universal language.