Biliary stasis : How to Get rid of Cholestasis Disease

Biliary stasis or cholestasis is a condition in which bile cannot flow from the liver to the duodenum. Stagnation of bile, otherwise this condition is called cholestasis, and it is associated with a pervasive disorder which is called dyskinesia of bile ducts. It is a very harmful disease and can affect your whole immune system. It may also cause many kinds of other conditions. Many learn about it after they go to ultrasound diagnosis, but in real life, as a rule, do nothing. But very vain! Read why this common diagnosis can ruin your life quite realistically if you do not take very simple measures.

So, any stagnant processes in the body negatively affect your health. This is especially important about the chronic stagnation of bile because if it is light, it is easily released with food into the 12-colon, then your digestion is normal, and toxins are eliminated from the body in time.

If this is not the case, bile stagnates in the gallbladder, which means waiting for illnesses: first of all, digestion disorders, symptoms of intoxication from the nervous system – chronic fatigue, and skin manifestations in the form of pigment spots, itching, allergies and lowering immunity.





Ancient doctors also noticed that a person is “bilious” – always irritable and overworked. Why? All because of the same chronic intoxication, excessive intake of neurotoxins into the blood, primarily bilirubin.

In this article, you will find practical recipes based on the experience of more than 20 years of using only natural and safe means, how to eliminate the causes of stagnation of bile in the gallbladder and strengthen your digestion and health in general.

Solving this problem provides a set of measures – support for the work of the liver, nervous system and reasonable nutrition. Do not despair when you find out about problems in the gallbladder. If you are involved in the prevention of complications, carry out the course of cleansing for the digestive tract, change your diet a little, you can avoid serious problems.

And for those who have already been forced to operate on the gallbladder, also our recommendations will help to avoid other serious problems. The main thing is not to continue living, not paying attention to your body, but to show a little concern for him.

How to understand that you have stagnation of bile

How to find out?

  • Biochemical blood analysis (hyperbilirubinemia, hyperlipidemia, exceeding the level of activity of transaminase enzymes ALT, ACT, and alkaline phosphatase).
  • The analysis of urine allows seeing a presence in her of bilious pigments.
  • Ultrasound examination of the liver can confirm the increase in its size, the shape, and condition of the gallbladder wall and the tone and patency of the ducts.


The first thing you feel: the heaviness and discomfort in the zone of the right hypochondrium, bitterness in the mouth, there is a yellow or brown coating on the tongue, the chair is broken – more often the alternation of frustration and constipation. The liver can strongly and not bother, but the signs on the skin are – be aware that the pigment spots,

which are increasingly not the norm, as well as the incomprehensible itching of the skin, the active growth of the papilloma. These are body signals that the liver does not cope with intoxication and the gallbladder cannot deal with the load.

One of the specific symptoms is cystitis after the abuse of fat and alcohol. No gastroenterologist will connect this state with biliary stagnation. But a specialist in Chinese medicine would quickly explain that the relationship is direct-both bubbles excrete byproducts of detoxification. And when bile begins to stand out during “holidays,” it transfer into the water and water-soluble irritating substance – bilirubin, which disturbs the bladder and provokes cystitis.

Pain in the liver region is a more serious sign than heaviness in the right side. She can talk about the presence of stones already, and not just sediment and bile clots, as well as jaundice of sclera and skin – require treatment to the doctor, because they can talk about incomplete patency of the bile ducts.

Remember that gallstones do not grow in a month, just as the increase in liver and fatty hepatosis and atherosclerosis does not occur in a couple of weeks. This is the result of inattention to biliary stasis and impaired liver cell function for months and years. But, if you patiently and regularly will conduct cleaning courses with natural, safe means, then the body will respond to your concern for its needs and the process of recovery will proceed more and more intensively. We wish you good health and longevity!

How does stagnation effect in the bile of gallbladder

many causes could occur in the bile of gallbladder and some of them are as follows?

1. Perhaps the shape of the gallbladder is changed: it is pear-shaped, there is a deformation of the gallbladder, like its constriction, neck bend, twisting and others. It happens from birth or a way of life.

2. The effect on the tone of the bile ducts is exerted by stress, neuroses, and the state of the autonomic nervous system.

There are two forms of dyskinesia – violations of the progression of bile due to the tone of smooth muscles: hypertonic, or hyperkinetic (increased tone of the gallbladder); hypotonic (decreased tone of the gallbladder).

These options for dyskinesia are often combined with hypertension or hypotension of sphincters of the biliary tract and sphincter of Oddi – at the point of exit of the common bile duct into the duodenum.

3. Even the tone of the gallbladder is affected by glitches in the level of thyroid hormones: hypothyroidism causes lethargy, and hyperthyroidism – spasms.

4. The number of plant fibers in food is also the basis of normal bile work; if the food is mostly meat, with a lot of fatty, floury, unnatural foods + alcohol, then bile will not usually be allocated. Therefore, often stagnation occurs in people with overweight and diabetes.

5. Dysfunction of the liver cells themselves – of course, affects the structure of the bile. Therefore, by the way, if you have already bought the gallbladder to the removal from the stones, this does not mean that it will be all right with the bile. Dense bile can also produce stones in liver ducts.

The gloomy result of stagnation of bile:

  • impaired digestion and absorption of fats
  • problems with stools
  • The formation of a deposit of their cholesterol in the gallbladder, then it becomes denser, and stones are obtained
  • with severe violations of the liver, stones can be bilirubin or cholesterol stones are impregnated with calcium salts, since bile has an alkaline reaction. Then they do not dissolve.
  • The growth of stones further complicates the outflow of bile and worsens digestion.
  • The stagnation of bile, of course, does not lead to the formation of atherosclerotic plaques and the aging of blood vessels. But if the bile is thick, you can be sure that low-density cholesterol is increased, and high density is insufficient to form energy from it in cells. It is as evident as smoke means the presence of fire somewhere.
  • Deficiency of energy in the cells, decreased efficiency, a tendency to overweight due to improper digestion of fats and excessive intake of fat cholesterol, bilirubin, toxins that were not taken out in time.
  • decreased immunity, against the background of improper metabolism, intoxication, and energy deficiency
  • risk of liver damage (hepatitis, cirrhosis) due to intrahepatic stagnation of bile, which cannot be timely allocated

You see that gallstones create global dangers of accelerated aging of the body and loss of vitality, the risk of surgery for cholelithiasis and unpleasant symptoms: gravity in the right side, discomfort, bitterness in the mouth, stool disorders.


Diet in case of congestion of bile

There is a concise recipe, and it is the most effective. P looking at dyeskenezii biliary tract should be as simple as possible. During the day, a maximum of vegetables, cereals and a minimum of fat and flour, we limit smoked products with preservatives and flavor enhancer – glutamate. With lethargic bile, it is possible to use spices, but this does not mean that chili is useful for the liver. All in moderation. Coffee and healthy tea – only in the morning. Alcohol – without diligence.

Emotions and stagnation of bile in the gallbladder

Remember the expression “bilious person.” Violation of bile secretion affects the central nervous system negatively. Of course, this is not about you, but at extreme degrees – with tumors or severe jelly disease, so much toxic bilirubin is absorbed into the blood, which can reach the clouding of consciousness.

But also in the opposite direction: when a conviction, irritation, anger are boiling inside, and even if they do not go outside, they cause spasms in all organs where there are smooth muscle and incl. Cause cholestasis.

No wonder anger, revenge, jealousy is in Orthodoxy – mortal sins. Not only because they do not allow the soul to live entirely, but they also kill physically – through spasms and disruption of the liver.

If you look at your life, you notice that and do not want to be angry or jealous, but it does not work, with these emotions you should work at least from the instinct of self-preservation – talk about this with a priest or a psychologist.

Begin also with the cleansing of the body. Many people respond so that after normalization of the bowels, liver, energy was more, sleep normalized, and emotions calmed down.



What does bile consist of and how does it affect health?

The liver has about 32 functions, including it produces bile, about 1 liter a day.

If you remember that the blood we have 5-6 liters, it is understandable – the role of this fluid is vast.

What bile consists of water, cholesterol (more often called cholesterol), bile salts and pigments.

Cholesterol (cholesterol) – a compound involved in the synthesis of steroids, hormones of the genital sphere, the adrenal cortex and fat-soluble vitamins. For example, Vitamin D is an integral part of cell membranes: in other words, this is what makes cells keep their structure.

Cholesterol also participates in the formation of cellular transport channels and the formation of energy in the cell.

Cholesterol in bile is in a free state; one part of it is absorbed back into the small intestine, and the other is hydrolyzed by the intestinal microflora in the form of coprostanol.

Bile salts are the main constituents of bile and are essential for digestion.

They are the sodium salts of glycocholic and taurocholic acid – the compounds of cholic acid with glycine and taurine. In humans, glycocholic acid predominates. For a day, 10-20 g of bile acids are formed. Bile salts reduce the surface tension of fats and subject them to excellent emulsification, which increases the activity of the lipase enzyme. Their presence helps to digest all fats.

Bile acids, which are an essential constituent of bile, are synthesized from cholesterol. This process takes almost three-quarters of the total cholesterol in the body. These acids are crucial for the digestion of food; metabolic processes depend on them.

Bile also contains alkaline phosphatase, an enzyme secreted by the epithelium of the bile ducts, it plays a vital role in the metabolism, primarily in the phosphorus-calcium metabolism. Hence the explanation of the effect of liver status on the risk of osteoporosis. The increase in alkaline phosphatase is also one of the symptoms of damage to the liver and pancreas cells.

Another essential component of bile is the pigment of bilirubin. He does not take part in digestion, but from him, there is a lot of evil if the liver is not working correctly with it. And depending on the form, it can merely be a by-product of the functioning of protein metabolism in the liver (direct bilirubin), and it is he who stains the stool in brown color during the transformations in the digestive tract. In the reference books on physiology, it is written that this form is not very toxic. But you need to understand – even a low-toxic substance with long-term exposure to bile duct disease for many years can cause more harm than short poisoning.

But his relative – indirect bilirubin, on the contrary, is very toxic. His education: the result of the decay of red blood cells and he must be quickly excreted with bile. With biliary stasis, suction of indirect bilirubin into the blood occurs.

Soluble in water and fatty substances unconjugated bilirubin, easily penetrates into cell membranes and further into their energy centers – in mitochondria, disrupts cellular respiration and oxidative phosphorylation, disrupts protein synthesis, the flow of potassium ions through the cell membrane.

Especially to this are sensitive cells of the nervous system, which require a lot of energy to work. Indirect bilirubin, with violation of bile secretion – the pronounced neurotoxin.

With its excess, we see symptoms of skin coloration in the yellow and itchy skin, as well as discoloration of feces and darkening of the urine.

For a list and diagnosis of gallbladder disease, you can read this article. 

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