Beautiful breasts: Best Chest exercises To Make A beautiful Breast

Female breast, as is known, consists of 90% of adipose tissue. The fatty tissue is a type of body fat, a type of loss connective tissue.  Therefore, when observing a diet, the bust is rapidly losing its volume.

With each lost kilogram of excess weight, usually takes 20 g of your breast mass. And this despite the fact that the total weight of the mammary glands is 150-400 grams. Weight loss of 4-9 kg – and you can safely choose the laundry at least a smaller size.

But to return the old forms is much more difficult: it is not enough just to replenish – most likely, your bust will simply be loose.

Best exercises For the Shape of beautiful breast

Fat layer, of which your dignity consists, of course, not to pump, but you can strengthen the muscular tissue that is deeper.

When the pectoral muscles are strengthened, the bust, whatever size it is, becomes more elastic and uplifted.

You can make high breasts at home. The result is guarantee after 1.5-2 months of training. The main thing is the regularity.

These exercises are necessary for everyone who wants to lose weight quickly, so that the loss of the “upper 90” was not so obvious, as well as girls after 25 years, who want to keep a young and “fresh” look.

Stand up, legs are shoulder-width apart, your back is even.

Starting position: fold your hands at the chest level with the palms facing each other. This pose reminds the position of a praying man.

Squeeze your hands; the tension should be healthy. Hold for 20 seconds, then relax, shake hands.

(repeat the exercise 20 times a day)

  1. To perform this exercise, you need to take two books of the same weight and shape (or two dumbbells of equal gravity).
  2. Stand up; your back is even, your legs are shoulder-width apart, take the weighting in your hands.
  3. Pull the straight arms in front of you at the chest level, unfold your palms up.
  4. Slowly get up on your toes and at the same time raise your right arms to the sides. Remember that your hands should be at the chest level.
  5. Then smoothly return to the starting position, without lowering your hands and standing on the entire foot.
  6. Take the pose of the bar (rest with the toes of the feet and palms on the floor, the back is even, the hands are perpendicular to the floor, the palms are just under the shoulders).
  7. Watch your position: do not bend in the lower back, do not lower your head or protrude your buttocks. Push in three configurations depending on the position of the palms.
  8. In the first approach (with five push-ups each method), put your hands with your fingers forward, in the second – with your fingers outwards, and in the third – your fingers are strongly inward, your arms are slightly wider than your shoulders.
  9. If it’s hard to wriggle out with your straight legs, bend your knees to the floor and continue doing the exercise.

The bench press exercise for women 

Chest exercises for woemen

Starting position: lying on the back, legs bent at the knees. In the hands of dumbbells of 1-2 kilograms, hands at the chest level bent at the elbows.

  • Pull your arms upwards perpendicular to the floor, fists with dumbbells on one line.
  • Lower your hands to the starting position.
  • While lifting dumbbells, exhale, lowering your hands – inhaling.

Cat Exercise Position

beautiful breast, woemen breast



Starting position: lying on the floor on the abdomen.

Sit on your heels, put your hands in front of you on the width of your shoulders, bend them in your elbows, rest your hands on the floor.

Straighten your legs, leaning on your hands, lift the upper body smoothly with tension.

At the endpoint of the movement, your shoulders should be right above your palms, your legs flat on the floor, your back bent, your face facing the ceiling. Hold the voltage at the end point for 10 seconds.

Performing exercises to strengthen pectoral muscles, remember:

1. Work “to the limit.” That is when you feel that the muscles are “burning” and you are no longer able to perform the exercise, make the last jerk – another 2-3 repetition.

2. Properly breathe. During muscle strain, exhale, during relaxation, inhale. That is, at the point of maximum stress, for example, during the press itself you exhale, and when you return to the starting position, breathe in.


Do not sit for a long time, because while sitting chest muscles become to shrink, and we recommend you to walk almost one and a half mile for better body shape and health performance.

Use vegetable and fruits to maintain body fat and calories.

For a beautiful breast and good chest shape, we recommend you all these types of exercise that you will need to perform on daily bases. For healthy nutrition and a healthy diet plan also read these articles.

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