Banana peel Benefits | 8 Interesting Ways To Use It

Banana peel contains numerous nutrients that can help us cope with various ailments and diseases. Banana peel can be used for external use or make an infusion of it. A banana peel is much more than just a waste.

Most people are accustomed to throwing it into the trash can, but it is an essential source of nutrients with many benefits.

And despite the fact that it does not taste as good as pulp, the high content of dietary fiber, antioxidants, and minerals in the banana peel make it a worthwhile product worthy of your attention.

Banan peel and its way to use

It’s hard to believe, but the banana peel is a 100% natural remedy for treating and alleviating the symptoms of various diseases.

It has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, which significantly helps in solving specific health problems.

And since many do not know how to use the banana peel, today we want to share with you eight most exciting ways. Someone of the most exciting and impressive uses is as follows.


1. Fighting Constipationthere is dietary fiber there

is dietary fiber in the pulp of the banana, but most of them are still contained in the peel. Therefore, if you eat the peel of a banana, it will improve the intestinal peristalsis and facilitate the digestion process, preventing constipation.

  • It is enough to add the peel of banana in a cocktail or to prepare from it infusion.

 2. Removal of warts

The reverse side of the banana peel contains fiber, antioxidants and acid compounds, which help regulate the pH of the skin. And this dramatically facilitates the fight against such maloesthetic formations on the skin as warts.

  • To do this, directly attach a piece of banana peel to the build-up and fix it with a plaster.
  • Leave to work overnight and repeat the procedure daily until the wart disappears completely.

3. Itching relief after the insect bite

Thanks, to its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, the banana peel can be an excellent alternative for reducing unpleasant symptoms after biting of insects.

If you apply it directly to the bite site, it will help reduce irritation, itching, and redness of the skin.

  • Just rub the affected area and repeat the dasher 2-3 times a day.
4. Controlling fluid retention

Potassium, which is contained in a banana peel, is necessary for the restoration and regulation of inflammatory processes in the body, and therefore it helps to reduce the accumulation of fluids in tissues.

When digested in the body, potassium regulates the level of electrolytes and relieves inflammation in muscles and joints.

  • Consume 2 to 3 cups of tea (infusion) from banana peel per day.

5. Caring for the health of the cardiovascular system’s

hard to believe, but that part of the banana that we used to throw out (peel), in fact, is powerful medicine to protect the cardiovascular system.

Natural dietary fiber reduces the accumulation of cholesterol, and potassium and phosphorus help regulate blood pressure.

  • For these purposes, it is recommended to drink tea from banana peel at least three times a week.

6. Fighting with Acne

banana peel benefits

Organic acids, also included in the nutritional composition of banana peels, help to regulate the pH of the skin, which helps reduce acne, and also helps to get rid of the “black spots.”

These acids help remove excess sebum accumulating in the pores, and due to the anti-inflammatory effect, the size of the acne rapidly decreases.

  • Take the banana peel and rub it with the affected skin (inner, white side).
  • Leave for 15 minutes, then rinse with water and repeat the procedure every day.

7. Fighting bruises 

Recently hit and a bruise appeared on your skin, attach a banana peel to the site of the injury. This can speed up the healing process.

The banana peel improves blood circulation and facilitates the process of cell oxygenation, which contributes to the restoration of damaged tissues.

Simply rub the bruise with the inside of the banana peel and leave to work without flushing.

If desired, you can prepare an infusion of banana peel and drink it 2 times a day.
8. Relief of headaches

We are used to fighting problems with medication. But if suddenly they were not at hand, you can take advantage of the useful properties of banana peel. It will help relieve unpleasant symptoms.

Minerals, fiber, and antioxidants help improve blood circulation and reduce the so-called “oxidative stress” that causes this pain.

Prepare the tea from the banana peel and drink it 2-3 times a day.

You can also attach the inner side of the banana peel to the forehead 
and to the back of the neck, hold it for 15 minutes.

And you still do not take advantage of the banana peel? Next time, 
do not throw it in the trash, but try to use it as a natural solution to the 
above problems (if they exist, of course).

There are the tremendous use of banana peel which you can implement 
while studying its benefits. However, you will need a deep research about 
its benefits and modification.

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