Anemia Symptoms | Why Anemia is the cause of Fatigue

Sometimes you feel tired and broken, on what there are no forces, and the head refuses to work? Perhaps you have a lack of iron in the body. About what iron deficiency anemia symptoms are and how to treat it, here is the solution.
Anemia symptoms

Anemia symptoms and Weakness

Energy, bubbling in your body, in fact, the result of oxidative reactions. Oxygen needs oxygen – it’s remembered even by those who missed chemistry at school. Therefore, to feel cheerful, we all need to breathe fresh air.

But here you breathe, you breathe, but there is no strength and no. What’s the matter? Most likely, the fact that oxygen is spread throughout the body. To get the molecules of the oxidizer to the heels and brains from the nose and mouth, millions of red blood cells – red blood cells – work. Their most important component (the same scoop that captures oxygen) is hemoglobin. The main element of the latter is iron.

Iron deficiency – little hemoglobin. So, the red blood cells do not deliver the right amount of oxygen to the site. There is no it – there are no oxidative reactions. As a result, there is no energy. That’s why you feel broken and unhappy. The body turns around with difficulty; the brains do not move at all. Can still nails and hair breakage. In such an unpleasant situation, instead of looking for information on the syndrome of chronic fatigue on the Internet, it is better to go and give at least a clinical blood test.


Why anemia is dangerous


And what are we so worried about? Whom in our days are you surprised by increased fatigue? The modern solution to the problem is to pull yourself together – and go! However, the compensatory capacity of the body is not infinite. And if the anemia is not treated, then soon the cardiovascular system develops: after all, the heart and blood vessels need to pump more blood to provide the same amount of oxygen they would get under normal hemoglobin. In the end, this leads to neurologic disorders and increases the likelihood of heart attacks and strokes.

Plus, when the level of hemoglobin has been reduced for a long time, the body is more prone to the emergence of infectious and inflammatory diseases: the immune system also needs additional energy.


Products with high iron

Here are some beneficial tips and products that you can use to cope with significant anemia problems such as iron deficiency. Below a complete step by step, recipe to use a proper diet and to recover anemia problems.

1.5 mg of iron per day is necessary for a non-pregnant woman. To get this dose, you must eat:

  • 50 g of pork liver
  • 100 g of beef liver
  • 300 g of beef
  • 300 g of black caviar
  • 500 g of pork or lamb
  • 500 g buckwheat
  • 500 g of blueberries
  • 600 g of green apples
  • 1 kg of apricots
  • 1 kg of currant
  • 2 kg of carrots

Right, with abundant menstruation, the dosage should be increased by a factor of 1.5-2.

Causes of anemia


According to WHO, 40% of earthlings suffer from iron deficiency anemia. And women among them are three times as many as men. Why? Firstly, because guys do not have menstruation, pregnancy and childbirth. And secondly, they are much less likely to sit on diets.

Actually, there are 3 most obvious reasons for the development of iron deficiency: blood loss, poor assimilation of the microelement, insufficient intake of it from outside. “In general, anaemia is not a disease,” says our expert. – This is a symptom of other diseases: most often the reproductive system and the gastrointestinal tract; less frequently – blood clotting systems; all the rest is a single percentage. “

Determine whether not too big losses you carry every month, quite simply.

  1. All is normal – this is if a gasket or a tampon of the normal size is enough for 4 hours (in the second – the most turbulent – the day of the cycle, let’s say the volume super).
  2. No – it means that there is an occasion to consult a gynaecologist.

To see a doctor

To the gynaecologistMyoma of the uterus, endometriosis is often accompanied by a latent internal bleeding or manifested by heavy menstruation. But it happens that the latter is caused by haematological hereditary diseases (for example, von Willebrand’s disease): the genitals are all right, but there are not enough clotting factors.

Gynecologists are not always ready to dig so deeply and persistently are looking for more standard reasons: there are no fibroids – hence, endometriosis, not he – so hormonal failure, if everything is ok with hormones – then a hidden infection. As a result, for years there is no adequate treatment and you are buying gaskets super-plus, and that volume of blood and iron, which leaves them, does not have time to make up for the next menstruation. Gradually, the body’s reserves are depleted – and iron deficiency anaemia sets in.


To the gastroenterologist. “Gastrointestinal diseases can also be accompanied by blood loss, sometimes hidden,” warns Maria Vinogradova. – We are talking about erosive processes of the stomach, the initial section of the small intestine, the large intestine, the oesophagus. They can contribute not only to blood loss, but also poor absorption of iron, which, in turn, further aggravates the problem. 


If you managed to run everything to the state of an ulcer (the stomach was sick, and the visit to the doctor was postponed), then the anemia becomes pronounced, and the blood loss is obvious. But this is not the main danger. “In order for anemia to occur, bleeding must either be strong, or it should be repeated for a fairly long time. Our body is very cleverly arranged, it can compensate for a long time a lack of something. But any mechanisms of replenishment are not unlimited,  So the stomach or belly hurts – descend or go to the gastroenterologist immediately and make a gastroscopy. It does not hurt, but haemoglobin on the lower border of the norm – still go and do it.

To a dietician. "If you do not eat meat, a deficit of iron will arise - in some in a
 few weeks,and someone after years - 
it all depends on the reserves and natural replenishment,"
 our expert 
warns. - You deliberately decided to abandon this product - you will have to carefully
 calculate trace elements in the diet and, most likely, constantly take iron-containing
 preparations or multivitamin complexes. "

You see, there are a lot of our hero in vegetable food 
(especially in buckwheat, cherry, apples
 and apricots) - but this is so-called non-haem iron, another form of compounds.
 If the heme contained 
in meat is assimilated by 20-25%, then the non-haemic is 5-15%.

In addition, there are foods that increase the absorption of trace elements, and there are those that interfere with it. It is not for nothing that the consumption of meat and milk is simultaneously considered non-kosher: the main enemy of iron is calcium. The most loyal friend – Vitamin C . And if the latter is obtained from fermented products (for example, from sauerkraut or soaked apples), then one can derive maximum benefit from food. It helps the assimilation of iron and folic acid (it is contained, first of all, in greenery).

But it is possible to regulate the level of haemoglobin with the help of a diet only when it has not yet fallen below the lower limit of the norm. If anaemia has occurred, you will have to drink tablets or inject the missing element intravenously.


Some Useful Questions about anaemia


If you refuse meat but have fish – will there be a shortage of iron? 
Yes, most likely.

A constant lack of sleep can be the cause of anemia? 
Directly – no. However, chronic lack of sleep can lead to disruption of metabolism, exacerbation of chronic diseases that lead to anemia.

Is there salvation for ideological vegetarians? 
Theoretically yes. If they do not just listen to their dietitian, they will strictly follow all his instructions and take vitamins and dietary supplements to make up for the micronutrient deficiency.

Is there a correlation between sports and haemoglobin? 
if we talk about fitness and physical education. Naturally, in the conduct of a healthy lifestyle, the risks of many diseases are reduced. However, when a person has lowered haemoglobin and he (a person) continues to play sports, he will have to hard, as the load on the cardiovascular system is unacceptably increased. In professional athletes, prohibited drugs just stimulate the production of haemoglobin.

Is it true that anaemia can be the first sign of cancer? 
Tumor processes are a serious problem, but, fortunately, is not often related to the subject of our conversation. When tumours give an anemia, more often, it is already far from an early stage and not the first symptom.

The lower limit of the norm of haemoglobin in the analysis of blood should already be considered anaemic and treated? 
If this analysis was not done by a pregnant woman and there are no other complaints, then, in principle, you can simply adjust the diet. But when the bottom bar “broke through” – will have to be treated.

How much does smoking increase the risk of anemia? 
It does not cause it by itself. Scientifically proven that alcoholism can be the cause of anemia, there is no smoking of such data.

 Main symptoms of Iron deficiency
A research of  US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 9% of women suffer from iron deficiency. And among the physically active ladies figures are even higher.
Below there are 10 symptoms of iron deficiency are mentioned below:


1. Fatigue

“The body use the s iron to produce haemoglobin. So, the red blood cells do not deliver the right amount of oxygen to the site, “says Blair Morris, a practising nurse at Vanderbilt Center for Integrative Health. When there are not enough healthy blood cells, you feel overwhelmed.

2. Scattering

“People with iron deficiency can break down the synthesis of neurotransmitters. As a result, performance is reduced, “Blair explains.

3. Apathy

Another side effect of iron deficiency is indifference. And in relation to all and all: friends, family, work and further on the list.

4. It’s hard to breathe

Regardless of whether you are at the gym or just walked to the car. Why? “When there is not enough iron in the blood, the body begins to experience oxygen starvation,” states Kimberly Muller, the owner of Fuel Factor Nutrition Coaching.

5. Pallor

Recently, you look like the heroes of the saga of vampires? An unkind sign: “The reason for the emaciated appearance can be in a reduced blood flow and a decrease in the number of red blood cells,” Kimberly suggests.

6. Difficulty with your favourite workout

It’s hard to give a number of repetitions, which was easy to get a couple of weeks ago – although it seems like nothing has changed in my training? According to a recent study by Cornell University, due to low iron levels, endurance can be great.

7. Severe pain in the muscles

Shocked in the gym – maybe after the body will “whine” longer than usual. The lack of iron deprives the muscles of the ability to recover properly, which leads to pain.

8. Broken Nails

Even the coolest manicure (or pedicure) can not hide the thin and weak marigolds. Another sign of a possible iron deficiency is the deformation of the plate: it becomes concave or in the form of a spoon.

9. Frequent colds

“Especially if it’s mostly respiratory diseases. There is a possibility that iron deficiency is to blame for this, “Kim is frustrated.

10. Pink or red urine

This is a so-called bituria – a process where after drinking beets urine becomes reddish. And if this happens with 10-14% of “normal” people, then, according to Blair Morris, with suffering from a lack of iron – much more often. It is conditioned by such a strange phenomenon that the intestine begins to intensively suck in certain pigments.





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