7 Beneficial Ways To Use White Spirit

There is no obvious that there are a lot of beneficial use of white spirit in daily life. What purpose does White Spirit have in life?  If you thought about it, for sure, you know about the benefits of this solvent.

It is almost perfect. Its apparent advantages include low volatility and the lowest level of toxicity. It allows you to use it in everyday life, without leaving the living quarters. You can use it in the following ways.


Sealants are used mostly in repair work. Mostly these are used to interconnect joint more strongly. But sometimes, after work completion, drops of silicone remains on those surfaces where they should not be. Trying to cut off the dried sealant, you can damage them. Especially often such scratches become noticeable on plastic or tile. What to do?
To avoid scratches, use white spirit. First, soak the cloth in a solvent. Wipe the place of the adhered silicone. After 30 seconds, you can carefully cut off the sealant, which will dissolve to the consistency of soft butter.


If you did not remove the protective film from the plastic window within 10-15 days after its installation (as required by the instruction) but left it for several years (as most of our compatriots do), then you may face an unsolvable problem. The film is literally “eaten” in plastic, and it can not be removed. Use the following methods,
Step 1-Dissolve The Adhesive. Both ammonia and vinegar will dissolve tinted film adhesive, although it may take several hours to do so.

1: Loosen The Film.
2: Peel The Film.
3: Clean The Glass.

White spirit in practice showed the effectiveness of the chemical method of film removal in this case. The solvent should be applied to the places where the film does not come off and leave in this form until it dissolves completely. Then you can wipe the plastic window with a damp cloth.
And now consider the equally effective use of a household solvent.


source: wikihow.com

It looks like that it is impossible to remove stains from black tar-like bitumen from clothing. But this is far from the case. You can easily remove stains from the floor with the help of white spirit. The household solvent will come to the rescue again.

In this case, the instructions for using the white spirit are as follows.
Wet the fleece in a solvent and with gentle movements, work the spot from the edges to the centre. In a minute, such treatment on the fabric will remain only a pale spot.

Using warm water, it is worthwhile to spread such clothes in ordinary powder. After washing, there will be no trace left of the stain. The method of such cleaning does not destroy even the most delicate fabrics.
And now think, is it possible to remove bitumen from the skin?


Most often, traces of bitumen (the material used to lay the asphalt) remain on the shoes in the form of unaesthetic spots. To remove them, the white spirit can also be useful.

By the same principle, it is possible to process leather products.
Only instead of washing, it is necessary to wipe the dry stain with a washcloth soaked in soapy water.

Do not try to remove a complicated spot at a time. Leave the shoes to dry after every “cleaning” approach. After 2-3 “sessions”, the stain will disappear.


They can dilute the paint if it thickens. This method can be resorted to if the alkyd enamel or nitro-enamel has dried up. In this case, do not add more than 10-15% of the solvent from the total volume of the paint.
The instructions for using white spirit can be used to dilute the primer. This technique is especially often used if it is planned to apply a primer by spraying. Then it is possible to mix with the solvent in proportions of 1: 1.
To decrease different surfaces before painting, white spirit is also used. It is useful in working with glass, metal, wood and hard rubber.
The solvent can also be used to remove the old paint from the surfaces as part of their preparation for a new colour. In this case, the neutral is applied and left for a few minutes before the dissolution of the dried paint. After removing it, you can start using fresh paint
And, finally, you will learn the most important secret of the solvent.


The softest floor coverings can be processed with white spirit to purify from different spots. Linoleum, wooden parquet and laminate. With its help, stains of fat, blood and ink, paraffin, paints and urine of animals are displayed.
A mild chemical attack does not destroy the top layers of the flooring. This made white spirit the preferred solvent of many housewives.
These are only the most common methods of using white spirit in everyday life. If you want, you can find more options on the network for its application. Despite the low level of toxicity, do not forget about the measures of elementary precautions while working with it.

So there are also many other uses of white spirit that you can use in your daily routine life. However, for more tips and methods, you can follow our blog to catch daily new updates.

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